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3 Non-Work Related Productivity Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

With how often it’s been thrown around in conversations, productivity has become sort of a buzz word that has had its implications completely reduced and confined within the parameters of work. Today, we believe that one can only be productive during work hours and that one can only maximize productivity by executing and integrating different habits during these hours of the day.

Understandably, the prominence and popularity of hustle culture among most of the workforce has allowed this notion to proliferate immensely, but the reality is that work is a subset of life and not the other way around. The time we spend at work shouldn’t be isolated from the other parts of our lives for a few reasons. Not only do we spend a good fraction of our lives at work, but work and life also have the ability to affect each other equally.

productivity tips

Instead of only trying to boost your productivity within the time you actually spend at work, there are also a few things that you can do before and after work to help you feel more motivated overall. Here are a few things that you can try out!

Have a Solid Morning Routine

Routines are very helpful in setting yourself up for a successful day because knowing what you have to do and going through these motions on autopilot allows your brain to save more energy and allocate these on things that matter later on. Rather than spending a lot of time and energy deciding what you want to do the moment you wake up, a morning routine takes these off your hands and lets you get the most out of your time before work.

Now that we’ve established the benefits of having a routine, it’s now time to figure out what a good morning routine is made of. Obviously, spending hours and hours in bed scrolling through social media is not a good or productive way to use your precious time because this will only encourage brain fog and fatigue to follow you even after you do get up and start getting ready.

Your mornings should be spent energizing your mind or your body to anticipate the challenges you’ll face throughout the day. A good breakfast will help give your body the nutrition that it needs to keep your physical and mental energy more consistent until your next meal. 

A good workout session can help clear your mind, raise your energy and mood levels and make you just feel more rejuvenated overall. Spending a few minutes exercising mindfulness may also help you become more aware and intentional about the tasks you’ll have to do. There are many more different habits that you can pick up and add into your mornings to help you put your best foot forward at work!

Having a Calming Night Routine

Your night routine is just as important as your morning routine because it’s the time you spend winding down to sleep. When you’ve come home after a long and exhausting day from work, the last thing you want to do is spend what little mental energy you have on choosing what you’ll do. Just like a morning routine, a night routine is set in place in order to minimize the amount of energy you have to expend making decisions.

By having a routine with different activities already set into place, you’re much more likely to feel more relaxed the moment you step through the door and enjoy a relaxing night with yourself before going to bed. It also allows you to build a night routine that ensures you’re doing enough to take care of yourself properly as these will very much be scheduled into your night.

When curating a night routine for yourself, make sure to include soothing activities that you enjoy like journaling, doing your skincare routine or a light stretch after spending hours sitting down. Also make sure to lessen the amount of time you spend on your phone the closer you get to your bedtime.

Have Hobbies and Interests Outside of Work

As great as it is to love what you do and give your absolute best every single day, having your entire life revolve solely around your work life can be a detrimental thing for your mental health. Remember that work should be a part of life and not the other way around, and that means that you need to engage in other activities and interests to make sure that you won’t end up burning yourself out, especially with the anxiety and stress associated with work.

That’s why having hobbies outside of work can create a positive impact on your life. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to do because the act of engaging in things that hold your interest and make you feel more fulfilled despite being unrelated to your work can bring a lot of benefits. 

Having hobbies can help increase your happiness, self-confidence and may even lead to self-discovery. It can also help you properly manage any negative feelings from the daily grind of your work life like stress, while also helping you perform better at work in the long run by acting as an emotional and mental release.

And depending on the hobby that you choose, it can also be an opportunity to foster social relationships with other people who share the same interests as you. Whether you choose to try out a new fitness class, write a story, enter a book club or even learn a new language, it’s always a good idea to explore an interest that you have.

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