3 Ways to Save Your Dog from Parasites

Has your puppy started to act strange? Have you noticed any difference in its behavior? If yes, the most probable reason is getting affected by parasites either internally or externally. Human parasites can be deadly for us. Similarly, parasites on dogs can create massive problems for the pet. Eventually, it can harm the human owner too.

Common Parasites Living On a Dog

There are three categories of parasites are found on a dog.

  • Internal: Heartworm is the only internal parasite and the deadliest for a pet.
  • External: Lice, fleas, and mites are found in the furs and ears of the dog.
  • Intestinal: Because of eating or going to nasty places, a dog can be affected with hookworm, roundworm, ringworm, tapeworm, and whipworm. Along with these parasites, Giardia and Coccidia also live in the intestine of a dog.

Save dogs form parasites

How these Parasites Attack a Dog

External parasites are not much dangerous though they disturb the dog. Fleas and lice are naturally grown inside the furs from the environment. Internal and intestinal parasites have the power to change the dog’s behavior, eating style and the overall calmness. You may find fickleness in your dog.

Ways to Prevent the Parasites

Taking proper care of the pet is a must. But it is not enough until you take the following steps for prevention.


Heartworms are the most dangerous parasites of all. According to the expert vets, the heartworm-attack can be stopped using a mosquito-free environment. The actual bearer of heartworms is the mosquito. When it bites the dog, it runs through the bloodstream and goes directly to the heart. After a certain period, the heartworm grows in the full form inside the heart and start clogging bloodstreams.

Sudden changes in breathing, appetite, and coughing are the signs of getting affected by heartworms.

The final phase of the clogging is heart failure. To prevent it, you can apply Heartgard for dogs. This is a safe and easy to chew medicine for saving the dog from the internal parasites. The beef-flavored medicine will be easy to take for the dogs. It kills the heartworms and saves your dog from vulnerabilities.

For intestinal parasites, the dog should be taken to the vet. And, using medicinal pet soaps for dogs will be much more helpful for preventing the external parasites.


Keeping the dog in a clean environment is a must to stay away from parasites. In order to do so, wash the doghouse at least once in a week with liquid sanitizer.

The ringworm and tapeworm are carried through by fleas. And, fleas are caused by a nasty environment. Removing the excess water from gardens and tubs is the only solution to the problem. Keep the toilet clean.

Training the pet to poop in the right place is mandatory. It is for the safety of the dog as well as your family. If you own more than one puppy, keep the infected one separately from the others.


The veterinarian is the key to secure the health of your dog. Visiting the chamber or pet-hospital monthly can give the dog a good health is not only for disease prevention, but also to get prescription for appetite and well-being.

In any case of emergency, it is recommended to take the dog to a hospital rather than treating at home. For example, giving the Heartgard for dogs does not require a veterinarian prescription. But there are some side effects of the medicine. If the dog vomits for long, it has to be taken to the hospital.

Similarly, ensuring a monthly checkup will help to understand either the dog is affected by worms and other parasites or not.

Things to Avoid When a Dog is Infected by Parasites

  • Do not let children play with the dog until it is recovered.
  • Keep other pets away from the infected one.
  • Do not abandon an infected dog.
  • Side effects of taking medicine like Heartgard are normal. You should not worry much about vomiting or allergic reaction. It is normal.

Dogs are the most reliable and trustworthy pet. Their health issue is also a family issue. That is why parasites should not come along to a dog. Taking proper prevention methods and keeping the dog safe from these parasites will help to keep the whole family in a good shape. Keep your house and doghouse neat and clean. Stay hygienic, stay healthy.


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