4 Best Places to do Yoga Teacher Training in India

For any yogis, taking up the Yoga Teacher Training in India means much more than learning yoga asanas. It is an understanding and deep reflection of your inner soul, surroundings and this world. Almost all the yoga teacher training Schools of India teach spiritual lessons, and how to win over the weakness and to become a great teacher.

Following are the four best places to get into the Yoga Teacher Training program about which I am deeply ecstatic to share:

Rishikesh: The Upanishads, a series of Hindu sacred treatise literally means, “sitting near”. It means to sit as close as possible to the master. In Rishikesh, a yoga capital of the world, you would find the same environment. In almost all the Yoga Teachers Training schools in Rishikesh, you will not only get the comprehensive training of yoga but also the sacred yoga wisdom from the highly learned yoga masters. There are also many ancient ashrams and Schools in Rishikesh which are running for centuries. In these schools, you will get the same Guru-shishya Parampara, also known as Guru-Teacher tradition. This means a sacred relationship is developed between a teacher and his student. A teacher grants his knowledge and wisdom to his student. And besides, Rishikesh is a very beautiful place, nestled in the Himalayas, and is one of the Hindus most popular religious destinations.

Yoga Teacher training

Kerala: Kerala is situated towards the South of India. Also known as God’s own land, it has an abundance of lush green lands, and water bodies on one hand and wonderful beaches on the other. It is also famous for the herbal and ayurvedic treatment. Ayurveda and Herbal massage is the ancient form of treatment which offers a person an ideal state of balance and interventions. In the Yoga Teacher Training in Kerala, you would learn Ayurveda from its source which is a perfect complement to learn Yoga. Regular yoga and meditation practice give inner peace and wisdom, which you will get in Kerala. While learning Yoga from Kerala, you could bring something new back home; you will likely have legions from all over the world here who would help your practice flourish.

Goa: Goa is a tourist hub of India for its wonderful beaches and churches, beautiful natural surroundings and above all lovely people. The uniqueness of Goa lies in its beauty and flexibility to adapt without having to worry about security. You can do whatever you want to do, and feel yourselves connected. In all the yoga teacher training institutes in Goa, you will learn how to remain happy in any circumstances and live life your way, and comprehensive all yoga asana types. You will attain an intrinsic quality to adopt the varied ways of life. This learning is a very essential part of the Yoga Teacher Training.

Dharamshala: This lovely hill station is located in the upper reaches of the Kangra Valley in Himachal Pradesh in India. The city is covered with thick deodar cedar trees, and is one of the major strongholds for the Tibetan refugees and the seat of the 14th Dalai Lama. The wonderful landscapes and the sanctity of this place have made it a famous tourist destination and the perfect place to learn Yoga. It has now much Yoga teacher training institutes through which students not only can gain tremendous knowledge of Yoga but also see the world from the lens of Yoga, gain the humility and learn to love the nature and adopt its beauty and sanctity.

If you are sincerely contemplating to learn yoga, join the Yoga Teacher Training Course in India.

Author’s bio: Devakar Sandhu, yoga expert, and avid blogger, reaches out to his disciples and the public in general for spreading awareness to bring about change using Yoga. He is also Founder of Ekam Yogashala, A Yoga Teacher Training School Based in Rishikesh. EKam Yogashala offers 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India (Rishikesh, Kerala, Nepal and Dharamsala)

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