how to secure remote job

6 Benefits of Securing a Remote Job

Landing a genuine remote work job used to rank among the myths of the Internet, but COVID-19 changed all of that. Today, ads touting jobs that let you work from home or work from anywhere offer exactly that. Every conceivable office job now offers a remote work option and snatching one up can provide plenty of benefits beyond health and life insurance. Here are six to consider!

Improved Health Outcomes

How does a remote job benefit you? Better health and mental health top the list of working from home because it helps to reduce workplace stress, something that, according to Harvard Business Review, results in nearly 50% of voluntary turnover in workplaces.

Some health benefits come from less obvious areas. For instance, working from home lets a person set their own work schedule as long as they meet their workplace deadlines, resulting in a better work-life balance. According to the National Library of Medicine, scheduling flexibility increases job satisfaction by 62% while reducing job-related stress by 20%. The elimination of a daily commute doesn’t just save fuel costs; it reduces the number of accidents on the road.

how to secure remote job

Designed Workspace

According to The Receptionist, an office space should provide about 175 square feet per employee, but when you work from home, you design your workplace, not the business that you work for. Make your workspace look like you want it to and enjoy playing music or avoiding the Musack that some offices use. If you have specific needs, such as a space optimized for a wheelchair or mobility chair, your home provides it already.

Improved Job Opportunities

Individuals with chronic illnesses or mobility issues may find it easier to work from home. Remote work can open up options for individuals with health challenges, so they can enjoy full-time work without the challenges that a commute might cause. Working remotely increases the number of job openings for which they can apply, too.

Increased Profits

Working from home lets an individual keep more of the money they earn. Remote jobs pay about 1.9% more than office jobs. Because there’s no commute, the employee keeps more of their hard-earned money, avoiding bus fares, cabs, commuter trains, carpool costs, etc. You also no longer have to buy lunch every day or purchase a special wardrobe for work.

Increased Personal Productivity

Most people increase their productivity when no one can pop their head into their office for a quick five-minute conversation that inevitably takes longer than that. Because each person sets their own schedule, they can each work when they feel most productive during the day, as long as they meet their work deadlines and meetings. This increased productivity results in people feeling better about themselves and the work they do.

Enhanced Environmental Benefits

About 90% of the world population says it wants to live more sustainably. Working from home helps them do that by eliminating the commute. Annually, remote workers help reduce emissions by eliminating their commute for a savings of 70 to 140 billion miles, significantly reducing air pollution.

Remote work offers many enticing benefits, including a greater range of job opportunities and improved opportunities for those with health challenges. It allows you to set a suitable work schedule that improves your personal productivity and to design your own workspace. All of these factors add up to remote work jobs topping most job hunter’s lists.

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