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Amazon Go – World’s most advanced Shopping Technology

Online retailer, Amazon is about to start a physical store world called Amazon Go, a retail store completely developed with the deep learning algorithms that allow shoppers to pick whatever they want and can come out of the store without waiting for checkout and billing process.

Shoppers need to use their Amazon Go app while they are entering into the store and their virtual shopping cart will add a list of products they pick from the shop, tabulate how much shopper need to pay after completing his purchase. Also, it deducts the amount from their Amazon account and sends receipt to their email. It is called as “Just walk out technology” by Amazon and they used technology which is used in self-driving cars.

amazon go

Amazon Go is going to be a heavy competitor for existing retailers Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Amazon official says, “For now, this Amazon Go technology is in beta mode and only available for Amazon employee. It will be available to all from 2017.”

Amazon Go Technology Video

Here is a video from Amazon showing how this technology actually works,

This technology is definitely going to bring a big impact on the retail market world. Comment your thoughts on this Amazon Go technology.

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