Bear Story Short Film won Oscar 2016 Award

Bear Story short film wins the title of Best Animated Short film of 2015 on 88th Academic Awards – Oscar 2016. Here we saw about the little history of this Bear family. This short is from the directer-writer Gabriel Osorio and Pato Escala. Gabriel Osorio Vargas leading lots of animated serious for children such as Flipos, Muelin y Perlita, and Soccer Girls. Punkrobot is his own animated studio, and he is from Chile, South America. Yes..! This film was made in the language, Spanish. It is the First film which comes from the long and narrow country, Chile. This short film shows the story within 11 minutes of length.

bear story short film

The other Four Shorts are there on the nominee list. They are; Prologue from the director of Richard Williams and producer Imogen Sutton, Sanjay’s Super Team from the director of Sanjay Patel and producer Nicole Grindl, We Can’t Live Without Cosmos from the director of Konstantin Bronzit, World of Tomorrow from the writer-director-producer Don Hertzfeldt.

Osorio said about the victory as, “We are really happy, we want to thank the academy, our families and everybody in Chile that has supported us and trusts our work. Personally, I want to dedicate this achievement to my grandfather who was the one who inspired this story and to all the people like him who have suffer an exile, we really hope that this never happens again.”

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Theme of the Bear Story Short Film:

From the trailer of this film, some of you guess the theme. Yup..! The bear needs to escape from the circus and rejoin with his Family.

Excellent Screenplay:

Father (bear) preparing the toys to show their life on small box screen. And he went out to the mid of the town, a little boy (bear) came near to that box and requested to him for the film. The owner (Father Bear) also permitted to view the short film to that kid. In that, the happiest family faced the tragedy because of the Circus officers. They pick all the animals such as giraffe, elephant, etc., from the apartment for their business. The Circus earns money with the help of this animals individual activities. One day, the bear planned to escape from this circus while on the performance. Also, the bear escaped from that place and reached the home. 🙂 Perfect for Oscar.

The Trailer of Bear Story Short Film:

Watch Bear Story Short Film Online:

Watch this film, Official Bear Story on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and with some of cost.

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Bear Story Short Film Won Oscar 2016:

best animated short film bear story

All Other Awards won by Bear Story Animated Short Film:

Here are the list of Nominations and Awards won by Bear Story Short Film so far,

“Best Animation” Palm Springs Shortfest, 2015 *Academy Award Qualifying

“Grand Jury Prize” Nashville Film Festival, 2015 *Academy Award Qualifying

“Best Animated Short” RiverRun Film Festival 2015 *Academy Award Qualifying

“Best Animated Short” CIFF, Cleveland Ohio, 2015 *Academy Award Qualifying

“Best Animation” DCIFF, Washington DC, 2015

“Best International Film,” Little Big Shots, Australia, 2015

“Best Animation” AluCine Latin Film Festival, Canada 2015

“Junior Audience Award” HAFF, Holland, 2015

“Audience Award” Klik! Festival, Amsterdam, November 2014

“Best Shortfilm,” SANFIC, Chile, October 2014

“Grand Prize” Kuandu International Festival, Taiwan, September 2014

“Grand Prize” Animasyros, Greece, August 2014

“Best Children’s Short Film” Animamundi, August 2014

“Best Art Direction,” Animamundi, August 2014

“Best National Short Film” Chilemonos, May 2014

We wish Director Gabriel Osorio to make so many movies like Bear Story Short Film and Best of Luck to him and his team.


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