Befikre 1st Day Box Office Collection: Worldwide Opening Day Collection

Befikre Box Office Collection: The latest Bollywood film of this weekend had already made its expectation by the posters and trailer. The Befikre is released today across all over the world and created massive entire of this weekend. It is expected that the highest grosser of this year as a romantic movie. The expectation level is high due to the Aditya Chopra’s return in the cinema industry. The entire cast and crew of this film have made this film as good to watch in this weekend.

The team is expecting some decent numbers in the worldwide Befikre box office collection on the first day and upcoming days. Most of the cinema lovers and moviegoers are waiting to see the romance between the Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor on the big screen. Also, most of the fans highly awaited for the on-screen chemistry and the lip-locks between them. Finally, the film released today on December 9, 2016. Check the Befikre 1st Day box office collection in India and overseas here.

Befikre 1st Day Box Office Collection Worldwide Opening Day Collection

The film has made with the budget of Rs 55 crore. Apart from this, the production company has spent Rs 15 crore for the promotional and Advertisements of Befikre. So, totally, the cost of the film is Rs 70 crore. The film totally released on 2900 screens worldwide. The estimated earning of Befikre 1st Day (opening day) box office collection at the domestic, as well as the overseas box office, are provided here below.

Befikre 1st Day Domestic Box Office Collection

According to the official report of Yash Raj. The film has booked for single screens as 35% od cinemas when to compare with the multiplexes. The opening day on this Friday have packed with the single screens and also with the multiplexes in India. The Befikre has released over 2100 screens in India and nearly 85% of occupancy over all the screens. The Befikre first day box office collection in domestic is expect as more than Rs 10 crore. The movie is likely to beat the first day record of Baaghi and become the eighth biggest opening Bollywood film of this year, 2016 in domestic box office.

Befikre Opening Day Box Office Collection in Overseas

As per the official report, the film has released nearly 800 screens in the overseas like the US, UK, UAE and more. The film got massive response in the overseas due to its scrpit and scenes for the internations viewers. The highly packed with the lip-locks and romance Befikre had the estimated amount od Rs 3.5 crore on its first day at the overseas box office collection. Most of the viewers were reportedly in the age group of 20 to 30 and they are all praise for Ranveer and Vaani.

Befikre 1st Day Worldwide Box Office Collection

Here, it is combination of domastic and overaseas report. Most of the B-town cinema fan followers are known well as the Ranveer Singh had the huge fan following with the both gender as female and male. The film, Befikre is getting double thumbs up from the public audience. The Befikre 1st Day collection is expect to reach the milestone of Rs 16.8 crore at worldwide.

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