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The Best and Worst Bets in a Craps Game

Craps is a fun and exciting casino game using dice. However, not all bets give you the same odds of winning. Knowing which are the best and worst bets can help you make smarter decisions at the craps table.

This improves your chances to walk away with more money from best casino India to live without financial problems and to start new life.

craps game

The Best Bets

Below are the four best bets you can make when playing craps at a RajBet casino online with a low house edge, meaning more of your money stays in your pocket:

  1. Pass/Don’t Pass
  2. Come/Don’t Come
  3. Place 6 or 8
  4. Take Odds Bets When Available

Pass/Don’t Pass

These center bets let you bet with or against the shooter. The Pass bet wins if the first roll lands on 7 or 11. It continues if a point number of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 rolls. You win if that point repeats before a 7. The Don’t Pass works the opposite. You lose on 7 or 11, but now you want a 7 before the point. The house edge here is only 1.41%.

Come/Don’t Come

You can add these after the point number appears. They work similarly to Pass/Don’t Pass. The difference is you are only betting on the next rolls after you place your bet. They offer the same house edge of 1.41%.

Place 6 or 8

Once the point number shows, you can “place” separate bets on 6 or 8, repeating before a 7. This has a house edge of only 1.52%.

Take Odds Bets When Available

This optional bet depends on making a Pass or Come wager first. It then lets you place extra units on your number, repeating before a 7. There is no house edge on odds bets. This improves your overall odds significantly.

The Worst Bets

While any bet at a Rajbets casino and betting website can win or lose on luck, these options below swing the odds heavily to the house:

  1. Any Seven
  2. Hard Ways
  3. Field
  4. Horn

Any Seven

This separate bet wins if the following roll lands on 7. The probability is high rolling a 7. But the house still holds a hefty 16.7% edge.

Hard Ways

You are betting on a double appearing before a 7 or the number’s “easy” version. Examplеs are hard 6 with double 3’s or hard 8 as double 4’s. The soft version would be 5+1 or 6+2. The house edge is a massive 11-9% on all hard way bets.


This single-roll bet covers various numbers but holds a 5.6% house edge. You win even money on higher or lower sets but double up on triple 2’s or triple 3’s. With 7 ways to lose and only 5 to win, the odds stack against you.


You are betting here that 2, 3, 11, or 12 will show up in the next roll. If you win on 2 or 12 you get 30:1. But 3 or 11 only pays 15:1 despite being less probable combinations. You also lose with 8 other results but only have 4 that pay. This gives the house an average 14.43% edge.

Strategies for Smart Betting

The craps table offers many tempting bets but not all give you a fair gamble. Stick with the simple options early and add side bets only sparingly.

This discipline will stretch your fun and hopefully your bankroll too if luck falls your way at and you follow some strategies.

Have Fun But Set Limits

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun energy of a craps table game. But set a budget and loss limit before playing. Don’t chase losing bets. Odds favor the house long term.

Use Both Sides of the Table

The layout has two ends marked “Pass” and “Don’t Pass”. One focuses on the shooter making numbers. The other is on rolling a 7 first. Using both sides balances your risk better. You can win no matter which result occurs.

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