Bigg Boss 11 Show time, watch Online and TV, Contestants List: Complete details

From the Bigg Boss 1, the show making controversial news around the country. But, the maker continuing the show as big ever. Even now, they have done the show in other regional channels in India as great with the biggest star of the state as a host. The Bigg Boss 11 is set to begin shortly, all the Bigg Boss and Salman Khan fans are keenly looking for the ever grand reality show in the country.

Bigg Boss 11 Show time, watch Online and TV, Contestants List Complete details
PIC: ColorsTV screenshot

As per the promotional of this show by the makers, it says that the show will contain more spicy gossip, many surprises, and a lot of entertainment on whole season. The viewership count may climb high as ever before in this time. The show is currently in process of two new regional channels (Tamil and Telugu) and also both of them have big TVR. Also, the final day of the Bigg Boss Tamil will be the first day of Bigg Boss 11.

Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11 will be started from October 1 on Colors TV at 09:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday (weekends), and at 10:30 pm from Monday to Friday (weekdays).

This new season will be shown under the title (theme) of neighbors, and contestants (celebrities and commoners). Common people also participating on this season for the first time. There are two houses with the both celebrities and commoners.

Live updates of the show: You can get all the live updates from the official Bigg Boss Twitter handle. Don’t worry, if you missed an episode on TV, you can able to watch that on Colors TV official website of Also, the official Colors TV YouTube channel will be updating the detailed information of the house and every episode’s action to you.

Probable Bigg Boss 11 celebrity contestants:

After two confirmed Bigg Boss 11 celebrity glimpse under the BBGuessList hashtag, the makers stopped uploading the further contestant photos on social media. They have been kept the contestant list as secret. While the Twitterati have guessed those two to be Halima Matlub (Model) from England and Harsh Beniwal (Youtube sensation).

However, based on the rumors and sources, the probable list is here for you. Cezanne Khan, Nandish Sandu, Varun Sood, Niti Taylor, and Sahil Khan are the guess list at present.


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