Bigg Boss Kannada 5 online Vote: BBK5 11th week Eviction episode results

Bigg Boss Kannada 5: Actor Sudeep is the host of one of the biggest Indian reality show again on regional TV channel which starting from 15th October 2017 (Sunday). The BB Kannada 5 will also be shot on the erected sets at Bidadi in Bengaluru, the last two season shows were also shot in this same location. This time, the house has renovated as more beautiful for its new season than before.

After the competition of Telugu and Tamil versions, the brand Bollywood version has been started on first-week of October 2017 by Salman’s Host. Now, it is Bigg Boss Kannada 5 starts as per the schedule from mid of this October 2017.

How to save your favorites from nomination: Send SMS to 56882 by using the name code of your housemate.

Update: Sreenivasan, Sameer, Niveditha, Diwakar, and Krishi were nominated for eviction of this week.

CODES: DIVA (Diwakar), JAYA (Sreenivasan), NIVE (Niveditha), SHRU (Shruthi), RIAZ (Riyaz), ANUP (Anupama), and DAYA (Dayal), KART (Karthik), CHAN (Chandru), SAME (Sameer), TEJA (Tejaswini), JAGA (Jagan), Krishi (KRIS),

Bigg Boss 5 Kannada Elimination Results

– with the list of Captains:

Week 1: Suma Rajkumar Eliminated from the BBK first week. Karthik, Jaya Krishnan, Jagan, Suma, Niveditha, Megha and Diwakar are nominated for the elimination of BBK5 1st week. Niveditha got directly nominated from Anupama. 1st Week Captain: Anupama (won against to Niveditha).

Week 2: Megha Evicted from the house in the second weekend. Diwakar, Megha, Sameer, Krishi, Jagan, Ashita, Dayal, and Riaz are in the nomination list of the second week. 2nd Week Captain: Shruthi (won against to Karthik).

Week 3: Diwakar, Shruthi, Niveditha, Sreenivasan, Dayal, Riyaz, and Anupama nominated for the third week. 3rd Week Captain: Sameer (won against to Anupama). Dayal evicted from the house.

Week 4: Chandru, Karthik, Jagan, Sameer, Sreenivasan, Anupama, Niveditha, and Tejaswini are nominated for 4th-week elimination. Riyaz is the 4th week Captain (won against to Karthik). Tejaswini evicted from the show in the 4th week.

Week 5: Niveditha, Jagan, Chandru, Krishi, Ashitha, and Diwakar are in the nomination. Chandan elected as captain on the 5th week against Riyaz. Krishi eliminated from the house on the 35th day of this show.

Week 6: Niveditha is the captain. Chandan, Shruthi, Riyaz, Sameer, Sreenivasan, Anupama, Jagan, and Chandru are nominated for 6th-week elimination. No elimination.

Week 7: Chandru, Diwakar, Krishi, Riyaz, Sameer, and Sreenivasa are nominated for eviction. Chandru got evicted!

Week 8: Jagan is the new captain. Vaishnavi walked into the house as wild card contestant. All the contestant have got nominated except the new entrant (Vaishnavi) and captain of the house. Ashitha evicted by using the public vote and Vaishnavi walked out from the show due to the health problem.

Week 9: Chandan, Diwakar, Jagan, Sameer, Shruthi, and Sreenivasan are nominated for the eviction. Jagan evicted.

Week 10: Anupama, Diwakar, Lasya, Niveditha, Sameer, Samyuktha, and Sreenivasan are nominated to evict from the BBK5 house. Lasya evicted from the house who entered on Day 58.

Week 11: Sreenivasan, Sameer, Niveditha, Diwakar, and Krishi are nominated on December 25th Monday episode. Riyaz is the house captain of this week.

Watch Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Online and it’s official mobile App are the official online digital platform to watch all the episodes of the 5th version of Kannada Bigg Boss. Recently on October 12, the show host and the head of Colors Kannada had a press meet. Watch the Sudeep’s speak here at BBK5 press meet. In that, he clarifies the issues of Malavika-Parameshwar kissing video leak.

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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestant List

The Bigg Boss season 5 in Kannada with the total of 17 contestants (11 celebrities and 6 commoners).

BBK5 contestant list

  • Jaya Srinivasan is the popular Numerologist, appeared on Janasri TV.
  • Megha is the first commoner who is from Kodagu.
  • Dayal Padmanabhan is Kannada Cinema writer, director, and producer since 2000. His next movie Sathya Harishchandra will be releasing on next week.
  • Sihi Kahi Chandru is Kannada film and television actor, main protagonists in an old Doordarshan Kannada serial titled Sihi Kahi.
  • Shruti Prakash is the TV actress who is popular in Hindi serials such as Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.
  • Anupama Gowda is the TV serials actress, she did Akka Tangi, Akka, and Chi Sou Savithri. Also, she made her debut in films with Nagari.
  • Riyaz Basha is an RJ and has hosted shows across many languages. While he had hosted the press meet of Bigg Boss Kannada season 1.
  • Niveditha Gowda is an 18-year old girl commoner from Mysuru. She already had some popularity because of the dubsmash. Currently, she pursuing BCA.

  • Sameer Acharya is a priest and a Sanskrit scholar. He is another commoner of the house as third in the row.
  • Karthik Jayaram is the TV actor and also acted in many cinemas especially with Sudeep like Kempe Gowda, Only Vishnuvardhana, etc.
  • Ashita Chandrappa is the Television actress, a well-known face from Neeli and Jothe Jotheyali.
  • Diwakar is another commoner, he is the salesman from Narasipura and was brought up in Madikeri.
  • Tejaswini Prakash appeared in many supporting roles with stars like Shivaraj Kumar, Darshan, and Ganesh.
  • Chandan Shetty is singer, lyricist and music composer.
  • Maharani Sumithra Devi aka Suma Rajkumar is a commoner and housewive hailing from Mysuru.
  • Jagan aka Jagannath is the Kannada serials artist and hosted the last season of Dancing Star.
  • Krishni Thapanda is a model and actress, who appeared on Akira (Kannada film).

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Show Timing

  • Showtime: 08:00 pm

As like the Hindi BB11, the BBK5 is now allowed the common man and woman for this season. As per the report, there are four people have been handpicked by the Colors Super. Those four people will compete along with the celebrities for the Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Title, trophy, and also the Rs 50 lakh cash prize.

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 Grand Opening:

Bigg Boss Kannada Channel

Initially, the first season of this show aired on ETV Kannada. Then, the second season of the show was aired on Asianet Suvarna. The third and fourth season broadcasted on Colors Kannada. Now, it is shifted to Colors Super for BBK5.

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 New House Images

Bigg Boss Kannada 5

Bigg Boss Kannada previous season winners:

  • BBK S01: Vijay Raghavendra
  • BBK S02: Akul Balaji
  • BBK S03: Shruti
  • BBK S04: Pratham

BBK S05 winner will be announced at the end of December 2017 or first week of January 2018.


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