Bigg Boss Tamil 2 promo: We will be watching BB2 Tamil with Kamal Haasan

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 promo was released on Saturday, May 19, 2018. Before this second promotional video of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2, the television was released the first video which has 15 second content on May 12, 2018. After a week, another new 1 minute 5 seconds promo trailer of the BB Tamil 2 released officially on YouTube and social media.

There is no official confirmation about the start date of this reality show. Like the last season, Bigg boss Tamil vote will be conducted weekly either on Google or on Hotstar mobile app. Fans and viewers would wait for the official confirmation. Also, it is likely that the first Bigg boss Tamil episode of this season 2 will be aired in the middle of the June month.

In the first day of the show, people can see the Bigg Boss 2 contestants with the host actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan. Recently in a media meet, Kamal Haasan said that he likes to use every opportunity to spread his message. For example, he agreed to act on a director Shankar’s film which is fully based on political and also he agreed to host a reality show to appear on Television weekly to meet people.

The actor said that “Bigg Boss show gives me a wonderful opportunity to go inside the house of millions of people. And I will make use of it to tell what I want to tell them.”

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 promo 1:

As mentioned early that the second promo has slightly longer duration than Bigg Boss Tamil 2 first promo. In that, a young man is seen rushing towards something. On this way, he pushes a woman. Suddenly, the video paused followed by Kamal Haasan’s intro. He asks the viewers to guess that what is the motive of the young man, why he pushed a woman, Is he a thief or harassing the woman?

Then, he released the video to show the intentions of that man. The guy who was actually rushing to save a little boy from a car which brings hit. So, he unintentionally pushes a woman on his way. Then, Kamal Haasan appears again and tells the viewers that the life is all about perspectives which varies one from another. Later he said at the end of the video with a rugged moustache look “Bigg Boss Season 2. 15 VIPs, 60 cameras in one house. Who is good, who is bad. We will be watching”.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 promo 2:

In the Bigg Boss Tamil season 1, Kamal Hasan hosted the show which became quite popular because of his some political speech between the show. Sri, Anuya Bhagvath, Vaiyapuri, Gayathri Raghuram, Aarav, Bharani, Raiza Wilson, Maria Juliana, Ganesh Venkatraman, Shakthi Vasudevan, Snehan, Oviya, Harathi Ganesh, and Ganja Karuppu have participated on the first day of the show.

Later, few other contestants were added in the show to increase the viewership and also they achieved.


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