Bigg Boss Tamil elimination Result (Week 10) – Snehan, Arav, Kaajal in the nomination list

Bigg Boss Tamil elimination result of week 10 will be officially announced on September 3rd Sunday by the show host Kamal Haasan. But, the predicted result is here from the private online voting. Kaajal is expected to get out from the Bigg Boss Tamil house because of her less online votes. As per the regulation of Bigg Boss elimination process, who got a lower number of votes by the audience will be eliminated from the show.

In the private polling of Bigg Boss Vote week 10, Snehan collected maximum number vote for the second time of his Bigg Boss Tamil elimination process. He already nominated for the elimination last week and escaped from the eviction. Even though, Arav is getting negative feedbacks from the audience. There is another group who still supporting Arav and saving him from the elimination.

Bigg Boss Tamil elimination Result (Week 10) – Snehan, Arav, Kaajal in the nomination list

From the Bigg Boss Tamil Week 10 updates, Kaajal asked the housemates to stay away from her, she believes that Raiza’s elimination is because of her friendship. After watching a short scene about the Snehan and Arav’s misunderstanding on the week of Gayathri’s elimination. Snehan shared his thought to Vaiyapuri about that video. Harathi and Julie’s comeback makes the inmates as a surprise.

Vaiyapuri, Snehan, Aarav, and Ganesh are the old inmates who staying inside of the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Ganesh is happy about the arrival of Harathi and Julie, he said that the house is again turning as fun filled with the women’s room antakshari. From the re-entry of Julie and Harathi, the old house mates gathered some points indirectly that what is happening out side world around Bigg Boss. It is Bigg Boss rules that the new entrants are not to share anything from the outside.

On Bigg Boss Tamil day 65, the housemates divided into two teams from a new luxury task as NRI family and Madurai family. Bigg Boss directly separated the team as two. Julie, Snehan, Vaiyapuri, Harish and Suja are the Madurai family. Ganesh, Harathi, Kajal Aarav and Bindu Madhavi are the NRI family. The remaining days of the week 10 went with this interesting task.

Harathi raised questions to Arav about Oviya as about his reaction if he faced Oviya’s second-time proposal on outside after gets out from the show, parents thought about accepting Oviya and much more along with Kaajal. After some questions to Arav, she takes Julie about she was interested in Aarav. Again, Audience started hating her attitude because of the answer to this question. At the end of Bigg Boss Tamil day 66, the house mates enjoyed the 7 Stones game in the garden area.

Bigg Boss Tamil Update Oviya's questions to Aarav

The Madurai boy Harish and the NRI girl Bindhu get married as one of the parts of the task by the housemates. Snehan explaining lots of things to Suja regarding the love marriages and divorce cases. He differentiates the love and lust through his poem. Then in the Bigg Boss Tamil day 67, Bindhu and Julie discuss the response outside that after Julie evicted from the show. Then a task happens which revolve about the marriage of Harish-Bindhu. Arav is one of the players in the luxury budget task with Harish.

Kajal and Julie share each other about their thoughts individually. Julie explains that she changed a lot after her eviction. Kajal is worrying about the behaviour of Snehan who keep repeating someone’s bad frequently in the house. The day 67 in the Bigg Boss Tamil ends with the cricket match.


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