Bigg Boss Tamil Nominations – Week 9 list to eliminate from Kamal Haasan show

After the Gayathri’s eviction on the Sunday’s episode, the nomination process has begun already in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. According to the promo which released by the channel, it seems that Snehan nominated as first time in the show by the inmates especially Raiza and Arav mentioned his name during the nomination process. Secondly, the fourth new contestant who went inside the house after Oviya’s eviction, Kaajal also nominated Snehan and Vaiyapuri’s name. She felt like they both are not in the honest way in this show.

From the other two new inmates of the Bigg Boss Tamil, they both mentioned Raiza’s name because of her attitude. Suja and Harish mentioned their reason behind the nomination of Raiza as the way she treated to the inmates looks bad.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nominations - Week 9 Snehan and Raiza
Snehan nominated as first time in Bigg Boss Tamil

The Bigg Boss Tamil vote to be started after the show telecast on the Channel as per the usual schedule on 09:00 pm and it will ends on Friday night after the show. The result of the Bigg Boss Tamil week 9 nomination will be out on August 27th Sunday.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nomination Week 9 list: Snehan, Raiza (from the promo, nomination list has updated)

Official Update: Raiza, Snehan, Vaiyapuri (after Monday’s episode).

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At present, from the audience point of view, Snehan and Raiza having equal strength. The haters and fans count of Snehan and Raiza are more over equal. But, it looks like Raiza will eliminate from the show as a prediction. Because, she didn’t understand the show and her attitude to others yet. But, Snehan understood that if someone getting hurt because of him, himself he avoided or clarify the issues properly. Though it not clear that is he lying or forgot sometimes. Audience gets irritated on this situation. Need to mention that, Oviya is still ruling all the hearts outside of the house even she went out from the house. Also, the new inmates of the Bigg Boss Tamil house, Bindhu, Suja, and Harish also liked her attitude and waiting for her re-entry.


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