Bigg Boss Telugu Vote Online: Season 2 Voting Poll, Missed Call Numbers

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Vote started for the first week with six contestants in the list. Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has out officially on June 10th Sunday. The Natural Star Nani started hosting the second season of India’s biggest reality show in Telugu.

This show has started telecasting from 9 pm on Star maa, also on the official mobile app, Hot star. On Saturday and Sunday, this show will be airing at 9.00 pm and on weekdays from Monday to Friday, at 9.30 pm.

Babu Gogineni, Kaushal, Deepthi Sunaina, Nutan Naidu, and Ganesh are in the nomination list on Google for the second-week elimination. The audience can vote their favorites to save from elimination through Google search. Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, Ganesh and Babu Gogineni had the maximum votes for nominations in the second week.

In Google, Voting ends every Friday at midnight. The audience has 50 votes per day and the votes will be stored until the competition ends and cannot be deleted.

WORLDHAB also provided the private poll here to know the probable eliminator of this week. Check out the Bigg Boss Telugu Voting poll:

Bigg Boss Missed call Voting this week:

  • Babu Gogineni: 772 999 8805
  • Kaushal: 772 999 8817
  • Deepthi Sunaina: 772 999 8812
  • Nutan Naidu: 772 999 8809
  • Ganesh: 772 999 8803

Contestant name and their details with the images are available in this article. Also, all episode highlights, voting, nominations, eliminations, guests, controversies, episode promo video of the day and more.

Bigg Boss Telugu Voting

As mentioned above, the voting process again continues with the help of Google search and missed a call.

Star Maa Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Voting Procedure

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu Online?

Answer: Go to the Google search and type as “Bigg Boss Telugu Vote” or also type “Star Maa Bigg Boss Vote.” Now, you can see the nomination list of contestants. Select your favorite contestant and vote them by using your total of 50 votes per day. You can divide it as per your wise. Like voting 30 numbers to your first favorite and another 20 votes to your next favorite.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2

How to vote for Bigg Boss Telugu by the Missed call?

Answer: Those who all like to vote their favorites through missed call can follow this: Check the Missed call number of your favorite which is available in this article. Then type that number on your phone and give missed call to save your contestant from the elimination of the week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Missed Call Voting numbers:

ContestantsMissed Call Numbers
Kireeti772 999 8816
Deepthi Sunaina772 999 8812
Kaushal772 999 8817
Ganesh772 999 8803
Sanjana Anne772 999 8814
Nutan Naidu772 999 8809
Babu Gogineni772 999 8805
Geetha Madhuri772 999 8801
Amit Tiwari772 999 8813
Deepti772 999 8808
Tanish772 999 8811
Bhanushree Mehra772 999 8804
Roll Rida772 999 8807
Syamala772 999 8802
Tejaswi772 999 8806
Samrat772 999 8815
Nandini Raito be updated

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 voting results announced officially on every Sunday. While by using the private voting poll, people can predict the probable results.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 Live

For Android users: Go to the Google Play store and search Hotstar to install the latest version. Then sign up or log in. Tap ‘TV’ option at the bottom. Find the Star Maa in the Popular channels category and tap that. Again, tap the first box in the list to watch Star Maa Live online. So, the audience can watch Bigg Boss Telugu 2 on online by using a mobile phone/device.

Like the same for the iOS users to watch Bigg Boss Telugu online for free. Just need to pay for the network to access internet on your phone.

The Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 having only rights to telecast on following countries: UAE, Sub-Saharan Africa, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Europe (excluding Italy, Nordics, Portugal, Spain), Malaysia, and Middle East excluding Israel, according to the report of Star Maa.

On Sunday (10 June 2018) afternoon, the Annapurna Studios tweeted that the big house for the second season has built in a short period of time and the show will go on air for 106 days.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Contestants

Check the images of contestants with the name and short details about them here below. Thanks to Star Maa twitter for images of contestants which used here. The first contestant of this Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 was Geetha Madhuri, she is a singer. Check others below:

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2

Geetha Madhuri, Amit Tiwari, Deepti, Tanish, Babu Gogineni, Bhanushree Mehra, Roll Rida, Syamala, Kireeti, Deepthi Sunaina, Kaushal Manda, Tejaswi Madivada and Samrat Reddy are the celebrity contestants of this show. The commoners Ganesh, Sanjana Anne and Nutan Naidu will also there in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2 Contestants List

Geetha Madhuri: who is talkative in nature, and a very well popular as a singer. She received Nandi Award as the best female playback singer for her “Ninne Ninne” song from “Nachuvelu”.

Amit Tiwari: people have seen him mostly in negative roles in south cinemas. Popular in Telugu and Tamil movies.

Deepti Nallamothu: She is a news TV anchor on TV9. Obviously, her voice is good to hear.

Tanish: Actor who debuted via ‘Prema Katha’ movie as a Child artist.

Babu Gogineni: Human Rights activist, introduced himself as ‘atheist’. His full name is ‘Rajaji Ramanadha Babu Gogineni’.

Bhanushree Mehra: She played a body double for Tamannaah’s role in Baahubali. Also, she participated in many reality shows. She debuts to the Tollywood through ‘Iddari Madhya 18″ movie.

Roll Rida: He is a Rapper, basically a Telugu rapper who got the big fan base because of his Kirana rap.

Syamala: She is a Television Anchor and also hosted many shows in Telugu televisions.

Kireeti Dharmarju: 32 years old actor who plays the roles of ‘Pelli koduku’ in movies. After a couple of short films in 2011 and 2012, he made his debut to Tollywood big screen industry in 2013.

Deepthi Sunaina: Social media fame, popular on Instagram and YouTube. Watch her song from Rangasthalam movie here – Rangamma Mangamma song.

Kaushal Manda: Television Actor.

Tejaswi Madivada: A dance choreographer turned actress.

Samrat Reddy: Actor and also a Cricketer.

Ganesh: Radio Jockey (Commoner).

Sanjana Anne: Miss India finalist, Miss Hyderabad (Commoner).

Nutan Naidu: Social Activist in Visakhapatnam (Commoner).

Bigg Boss Telugu New entrant in the house

On 7th June, the model turned actress Nandini Rai entered the house as new contestant after the elimination of Sanjana.

We can expect a lot of fun again in this reality show for next three months also with the drama, surprises, twists, and turns.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 Nominations & Elimination

Day 1: Deepthi Sunaina, Kireeti, Ganesh, Nutan Naidu, Kaushal, and Sanjana Anne are nominated for the 1st-week elimination.

Day 8: Sanjana was eliminated and a New entrant in the house! She is Nandini Rai.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 written update (Episode Highlights)

10 June 2018 – Day 1: Contestant introduction with more entertainment. Out of 16, two contestants were jailed. They are Sanjana and Nutan. Actor and host Nani started with his dance for Bhale Bhale Magadivoy song and Nenu Local title track. Then thanking the first season host, Jr. NTR who broke the myth of shifting to televisions from the Big screen.

Two new difference has made in the house that there are not separate rooms between men and women contestants. However, the captain’s bed is separate. The another one in the Bigg Boss Telugu House in this season is a jail.

Actor Nani introduced the new house by spending some time at inside house and also had a conversation with the Bigg Boss at confession room. Then, he went out of the house to welcome the contestants to the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 2.

11 June 2018 – Day 2: Nutan out from Jail because of other inmates request, votes, and their reasons. Samrat got a letter from the postbox fortunately with a special statement, while few others have an empty letter. In Samrat’s letter, it reads as ‘next captaincy contender’. Also, Bhanu Sree got a cake. Kaushal got a jail free card. Tanish was given the first task of this season. Nutan was asked to store all his pants.

12 June 2018 – Day 3: Day started with the song from Na Peru Surya Na Illu India. Bigg Boss announced the release of Sanjana from jail after 2 days. Also, Bigg Boss asked her to select seven contestants. She also chose Tanish, Tejaswi, Sunaina, Ganesh, Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat. It was for the luxury budget task. Sanjana, Tejaswi, Tanish, Geetha Madhuri, and Tejaswi are talking about Sanjana attitude. Third day ended with the Geetha Madhuri emotional.

13 June 2018 – Day 4: Kireeti, Deepthi Nallamothu, and Bhanu gossiped over Nutan Naidu. Cross-gender fashion pageant show. The team Prabhuvulu and team Sevakulu was created on day 3. On day 4, they exchanged their positions. The show of the day ended with the Kireeti’s emotional breakdown cry, but the reason behind this remained unknown. Babu Goginei and Rolla Rida tried to talk with him.

14 June 2018 – Day 5: Geetha Madhuri’s wake up song. Sunaina started crying and explained why she cried to the inmates who all caring. Tejaswi, Samrat, and Tanish discussed about Nutan Naidu’s sudden attitude change. An argument between Sanjana and Tejaswi on Cooking. Tejaswi complained to Bigg Boss against Sanjana. Sanjana also complained to Bigg Boss about Tejaswi.

Everybody turned against Nutan Naidu in a game (task). Bigg Boss assigned Tejaswi a secret task. If she succeeds, then she will be one of the contenders for captaincy. She tried this with Babu Gogineni, Geetha, and Amit. Cheppandi Prabhu task was concluded. Kireeti’s team won against Sanjana’s team by scoring 178 points vs 170 points. Tejaswi failed on her secret task. So, she couldn’t be a contender for captaincy. This episode ended with Nutan’s protest, and upset.

15 June 2018 – Day 6: Sanjana and Deepthi Sunaina’s discussion on celebrity and commoner. 3200 points were allocated for the Luxury Budget. But only 2200 points were left due to Kaushal sleeping during task hours and usage of whistles in improper. Tejaswi, Tanish and Samrat’s discussion about Geetha Madhuri’s attitude. Captaincy Task – Captaincy Mela.

Bigg Boss Telugu season 2

Ganesh, Sanjana, Bhanu, and Samrat are the contenders. Samrat secured with 395 points followed by Ganesh and Bhanu’s 175 and 380 points respectively. So, Samrat becomes the first captain of the Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 house. The day 6 episode concluded with the discussion between Roll Rida and Geetha Madhuri about Samrat’s captaincy.

16 June 2018 – Day 7: Nani about the fan clubs, memes about Bigg Boss contestants on social media. After the recap of Friday episode, the host talked to the housemates via Na Nee TV. Informed about the Jr. NTRs newborn baby boy and also about Amit fan clubs on social media. A small task on reading a dialogue in front of the person of housemates choice.

The host complimented Sanjana’s honesty boldness, also appreciated Sanjana’s attitude. Also, Nani appreciated Bhanu for the performance in the Captaincy task, Roll Rida’s entertainment. Announced that Deepthi Sunaina saved into the protected zone with maximum votes from people. Finally, he announced that eviction of the first week will happen on the Sunday episode.

17 June 2018 – Day 8: Episode started with Nani’s greeting to the audience on the eve of Father’s Day. He was about his father Rambabu and promised to be a better person and father to his son. As the Father’s Day special surprise, the housemates were thrilled to have received the photographs of their fathers. All about their father’s love. Finally, Nani announced the elimination as it was model Sanjana Anne.

Bigg Boss gave power to Sanjana, it is Bigg Bomb. She drops it on Babu Gogineni. So, he supposed to serve water to all inmates for an entire week irrespective of the timings. The new entrant to the house, she is model turned actress Nandini Rai.

18 June 2018 – Day 9: Tejaswi and Babu Gogineni’s discussion on Sanjana. Babu thought Nutan is a misfit in the house. The Bigg Bomb shifted to Nutan Naidu because he filled the water bottle accidentally. Bigg Boss announced about the nomination of the second week. All the inmates also nominated in their opinion. Bigg Boss announced the names: Kaushal, Nutan Naidu, Ganesh and Babu Gogineni had the maximum votes for nominations.

Nandini entered into the Bigg Boss as a contestant. She told Deepthi about the social media and her name on air. Also, she added about Kaushal as “Ladies jagratha! Kaushal is here.” Amit, Tanish and Tejaswi’s discussion about Kaushal. Nandhi had the discussion with Bhanu and Sunaina, before sleeping. She said that people started comparing between season one and two. Also, they felt like this season is relatively not entertaining them.

19 June 2018 – Day 10: Babu Gogineni and Kaushal on discussing regarding the nominations. Roll Rida’s new Bigg Boss song, the other inmates also joined him. Kaushal and Bhanu’s fight on making dishes. Bigg Boss’s new task which related to King and Queen. It was announced that Nutan Naidu as the King, Deepthi as the Queen, Nandini as the rebellious daughter and Geetha Madhuri as the chancellor, according to Bigg Boss selection.

20 June 2018 – Day 11: Next task, inmates had some mashups against each other due to the task. Another task new task, in that, the contestants had to dig out the gems in the mud pit. Babu Gogineni won the task. Also, few other tasks such as ‘Evadra Rajyanni Gelichedi’ round 2, ‘Rajamala’ task, ‘Rajasimhasanam’ task. It is the very interesting task, go and watch the episode on Hotstar in your free time. Contestants are doing crazy on this task to release Maharaja and Maharani from Jail at midnight.

21 June 2018 – Day 12: to be updated shortly!

22 June 2018 – Day 13 Bigg Boss Telugu season 2 Promo:

Keep visiting to watch today’s promo here!

Stay Tuned for more updates!!


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