Binance 70% discount on trading fee – Relaunches after upgrade

Binance started working again, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchange is back again after the 24 hours of the upgrade. The company has official confirmed through the announcement as it would return at 10 am UTC February 9.

Also, the exchange Binance come up with the offer of a two-week 70% discount on trading fees until 24th February. In this meantime, the people are thought that the server was hacked because of the long duration time interval for upgrading the system. as a sign of “gratitude for their unwavering support throughout the upgrade process.”

In the announcement, it reads that the sixty minutes before, the traders are allowed to cancel orders, process deposits, and also all other account related functions even user can withdraw their coins.

In the 70% discount on trading fees, they all 0.03% on all trades and 0.015 with the BNB to all their customers. The Cheif executive officer of Binance, Zhao tweeted on the technical issue while upgrading the system as “If you have issues accessing, please try or There was a DDsoS attack on our cloud provider, resolved, but still some lingering effects.”

In the January 2018, Binance was the world’s largest crypto trading platform as per the report of Cointelegraph.


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