Live Budget 2017 Online Streaming – Union Budget 2017-18 by Arun Jaitley

The Highlight of Youths in this budget union is Education – System of measuring annual learning outcomes, emphasis on science and innovation fund for secondary education. More updates on highlights of Budget 2017 will be updated in few hours. Live Indian Budget 2017, Check the links below to watch Budget 2017-2018 of India which is presenting by Arun Jaitley on 1st February 2017. Click here to watch on Facebook from the official WORLDHAB page. Check below for YouTube official live Streaming of Indian Budget presenting by Arun Jaitley video.

Watch Union Budget 2017-18 live streaming online on Facebook and Twitter. Everyone is expecting huge and eagerly waiting for Union Budget 2017-2018 on Parliament as Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister began presenting them today. Coming on the heels of demonetisation, the Budget is crucial for the Narendra Modi-led government. Various fields of Budget is already being listed such as Youth, Farmers, Railways, Rural areas, Infrastructure, Financial Sector and many other fields new goals are implemented along with the new budget.

Watch Indian Budget 2017-2018 Live Stream on YouTube below

Stay tuned for complete updates on Budget 2017 new entries and highlights in a few hours.


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