BunnyCoin (BUN) price reaches 200% high in few hours

BunnyCoin (BUN) News: BUN price raises big and reaches its lifetime high at the end of January 2018. It jumps suddenly to $9 million market cap from $4 million on January 31st, Wednesday. BUN is the token of BunnyCoin, which was introduced in May 2014. More than nine hours, it looks stable with the same price value.

The motive of this coin is to spread love, peace, happiness and economic freedom in this globe. If you like to buy and sell this crypto-coin, then use the exchange websites like Cryptopia, C-Cex, and Trade Satoshi. In future, it will be available on CoinExchange, YoBit, and Livecoin to start your trade as soon.

  • Latest Update: BunnyCoin still in discussions for large-scale improvements with world-class programming, development, graphics design team.

From the analysis, the issues on Wallet & exchange issues are resolved. It looks like the BunnyCoin is one in the top list on 2018. Most the well-known people who invested on BUN are talking positively about the growth as it will be the game changer.

According to the coin market cap, it is the 494th most valuable crypto coin in the world. Even many more features will be available in nearest future.


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