Buy Real Votes for Any Polls and Contests Online

Buy Real Votes For Polls: Looking for an effective ways to buy votes for online polls? These are the effective ways to follow to find the right agency to buy IP votes for your poll contest.

What are IP based votes? When a contest allows any person only one time to vote for contests means it allows 1 PC also it track IP address of the PC. So you can cast 1 vote from 1 unique IP. This is called IP-based votes. Do you participate in any such contests/polls? If your answer is NO, I highly recommend you to participate in this type of contests.

buy real votes for online polls

Before we reveal the guide to buy real votes remember the following positive and negative factors which tell you why should join for IP-based polls.

  1. Easy to impress the Audience

This means when you share your contest page entry to your social media fans, 80% of them will do vote for you because of easy steps like 1 to 2 clicks to cast votes.

  1. Genuine Entry Link

The IP-based polls running admin always provide clean URL to the participants to share.

When the link seems genuine, no one will eliminate or think as spam.

Means it increase the voting percentage from any other types of contests.

  1. More Competition

Every people love IP based polls so you can see from 5 to 17 participants as average on any IP based contests.

More competition indicates more intent from the contestants.

The number of contestants is directly proportional to the number of whole traffic to the contest.

It means, if the contestant’s count increase, the traffic to the entry pages also increases.

  1. Bot/Software Votes warning

A coder with top skills can hack the poll by applying fake votes to any contestant.

We have seen that many polls got hack by spam masters to beat their competition.

In such case, the admin can’t find the real winner.

This is not cool, right?

The admin which put filter like captcha or emails verification with IP votes are the choice to you to participate.

Example: Polldaddy contests

  1. Contest Closed Updates

Sometimes due to mass spam votes, the admin remove votes from your entry pages, they change the voting steps fully from the first one, and they temporarily or permanently put an update as “contest closed” notice.

Let’s Find the Guide to Buy IP votes           

After you check the above 5 factors, you should carefully choose the right contest to join.

And it’s time to check the competition level of the contest you want to join.

Many contests allow new contestants while contest running.

This is a really good factor because we can analyze the competition level before we enter.

You can see advertisements on social media sites for buying votes for contests like polldaddy.

But are they all real providers?

No, so you have to find the real service provider to get votes. When you need detailed information about how to buy votes and to know how online contests work, then visit this post.

To check service providers trust, do a Google search for the website’s main keyword and find where the site rank for the term.

The aged and trusted site should rank for their targeted keyword on the big search engine, right? Also, do a search for their service review on Google to know what say the existing customers about their experience. Don’t hesitate to call the service provider about your questions and ask them how they are gathering votes for contests.

If your service provider can provide the list of IP addresses they use for voting, that will be great, isn’t it? Check domain age and dropping history on domain information provider sites to find the reliability of their service.

I hope this helps your business and you learned something new today regarding buying real votes for polls online.


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