Cardano price crosses $1 by increasing 20.62% high – IOHK & GRNET news

Cardano: On 3rd January 2018, the value of Cardano crosses US$1 with the market cap of $26 billion on 10:04 UTC. After within 15 minutes, it dropped to $0.96 with $24bn market cap and then again it raises to $0.97 on 10:30 UTC. In October 2017, the value of this price started with $0.02, now it touches its first time high $1. It stands at the fifth position in the rank of world’s most valuable cryptocurrency, this block chain was launched in September 2017 and then associated with IOHK.

Also, it surprises the Litecoin by overtaking its position and become fifth largest digital currency in the market by increasing $20bn market cap high over 24 hours. Cardono is working on proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus protocol.

Cardano Latest News: The National research and education network of Greece (GRNET) is working now with the IOHK to verify student diplomas on Cardano. GRNET app is the private ledger version of a blockchain, Cardano which will be built on Enterprise Cardano.

Also, there is a public blockchain which welcoming anyone to participate. But, the private blockchain having a restriction which allows only the specific users to validate and letting to give feedback on block transactions.


At present, there are three Greek universities were participated in this project which will be working with the help of decentralized database by IOHK and the web front support by the GRNET.

Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK’s chief scientist has told to Bitcoin Magazine that “Funding for the project comes in part from Horizon 2020, a European program for research and innovation. Development of the prototype is already underway.


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