Cardano Price Analysis & ADA Forecasting Latest News

Cardano (ADA): The latest coin which reaches high and now occupies a place in top ten list, according to the market cap. Within three months of start, ADA coin exploding in price from the US $0.02 to $0.59 on December 19. Now, it backs again and the market cap currently stands at US$11.38 billion, the value of the coin is $0.43 as of 29th December 2017. This is not a very big drop in a week from the US $13.27 billion market cap.

The Public trading on ADA began on October 1st, 2017. Before that, there where 26 billion tokens were sold for US$0.0024 each between 2015-17 as the project presold tokens in Japan. The company Carano Foundation was founded as a non-profit organization like Ethereum. The team involves and supports the research and development of the protocol as well as community development.

For the Cardano ideas, they include two other different companies together such as Emurgo, Output Hong Kong (IOHK).

IOHK is the for-profit technology company, the founders were involved with the Ethereum project in the initial stage. Then Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood founded IOHK in 2014.

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Cardano has released their official report about their process in their research on CSL Core (Cardano Settlement Layer), CCL (Cardano Computation Layer), Daedalus, Middleware, Explorer, and Networking. CSL & CCL aims to mitigate the scaling problem, which will support two scripting languages as well as sidechains.

Most of the Techical team are currently on leave for the holidays. All the developments will resume in the beginning of next month. – Cardano.

As previously said that the ADA is listed 6th position in the table by market cap. Hope, it will reach US$1.00 a coin which makes advantage to attract even more new buyers around this world.

Watch IOHA Prof Philip Wadler about the Cardano: 

“Cardano is no small feat. The Cardano project is built to parameters combining peer reviewed cryptographic research, with an implementation in highly secure Haskell code. This is not the copy & paste code seen in so many other blockchains,” said Prof Philip Wadler.


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