CBFC says “No Censor Copy Made for us”

CBFC, July 2016: Recently, the two Bollywood films are released on the Internet before the official release date. The Censor copies of Udta Punjab and Great Grand Masti are liked on the Internet. Because of this recent incident, the Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) has finished their new decision as they will ban the DVD submission for the censor certification hereafter. CBFC says “No More Censor Copies Hereafter.”

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No More Censor Copies
No More Censor Copies

CBFC says “No More Censor Copies Hereafter.”

All the Films will be submitted to the CBFC as a Digital Cinema Projection (DCP) format hereafter. Because of this process, some movies are linked on the Internet way before of their official schedule date. So, the crew affected on all the way, especially on Economically. (Source: dnaindia) So, the chairperson of CNFC, Pahlaj Nihalani says “We had many complaints about DVD prints marked ‘Censor Copy’ being leaked online. Firstly, the censor copy was made by the producers, not us. So, the leak could be sourced to any place from the point where the producers make copies. But we have stopped that procedure. We now watch films on the digital format. So there is no censor copy made for us.”

Nihalani added few more words as “So why are online leaks of some recent films carrying the ‘Censor Copy’ watermark? “Not for us. But the Film Certificate Appellate Tribunal, known as the Tribunal, still requires a DVD copy.”

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