Christopher Manavi: The Visionary Behind Reputation Management

What is reputation management? If you don’t already know, reputation management is the ongoing process of maintaining a positive or acceptable view of a company or individual within Google’s search engine results. Since the advent of SEO or search-engine optimization, this ‘process’ has morphed into a billion dollar-per-year industry, spearheaded by renowned technology entrepreneur, 28-year-old Christopher Manavi.

Rewind back to 2009, search-engine optimization or SEO for businesses was rapidly growing as individual businesses focused on dominating the search-engine results for their individual websites. All SEO experts at this time were completely focused on one thing—moving their client’s websites to the top of Google’s page one search results. The thought process behind SEO was fairly uniform and static these early years. However, as time progressed, and Google places results progressed, SEO evolved into what’s now known as ‘local SEO’ where local businesses will try to rank locally in their cities of business.

Christopher Manavi, one of the most highly regarded SEO experts in the world, decided to move in a different direction. Before anybody else, Christopher Manavi recognized the fact that if businesses, individuals, and industries were focused on moving certain information up the search results that there would be a need to similarly move certain information down the search results. This became extremely apparent as Yelp and other review websites gained popularity. If someone, wrote a negative review or story about a business, ‘online reputation management’ would be needed to make the post less visible. Although seemingly common sense in 2017, this was a ground-breaking direction to move into in 2009-2010.

Christopher Manavi

Christopher Manavi not only conceptualized and pioneered this brand new industry but created the most widely accepted and used the protocol to service online reputation management clients that are still used as of this day. Using PR2 sites with high domain authority to overwhelm the search results and bump down negative reviews and/or postings. It’s one this to create a successful business as we commonly profile here on this site, but it’s another thing to create an entire industry out of thin air—that’s why we have so much respect for Christopher Manavi. As of 2017, there are tens of thousands of online reputation management companies are offering these services, all you have to do is do a simple Google search and see for yourself.

With a reported net worth north of $20M, Christopher Manavi continues to create waves in every industry he delves into from search-engine optimization to social media marketing. Unlike most search-engine optimization (SEO) experts, Christopher does not have a technical background. In fact, he majored in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley according to an early interview which adds credibility to the notion that a more creative mindset can be more valuable in the big picture than a purely technical and quantitative skillset.

Christopher Manavi will reportedly be headlining the UnGagged search-engine optimization (SEO) conference in early 2018. We, in the SEO community, look forward to this rare opportunity to hear Christopher speak on his thoughts in this rapidly evolving landscape that is all things Internet marketing. From mastering every facet of SEO, to creating a multi-million dollar business, to envisioning and pioneering an entire industy—Christopher is truly a young entrepreneur that has claws his way to the top, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once called Christopher “a remarkable young and creative talent with a bright, bright future ahead of him.” Article via HuffingtonPost.


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