Cindicator (CND) price increased 146% high in one day – reaches lifetime high

Cindicator (CND): When all the top crypto coins are fell down due to the fake news of China and South Korea. Cindicator is one among few others which is stable and it is increasing now. CND (token of Cindicator) reaches its lifetime high, $0.20 on 19th January. It was created in 2015 and launched the token sale in October 2017 with $0.01 price value. Within few months, it occupies a place in top 100 most valuable digital coin according to the

Cindicator is working on Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management. After CND listed on Binance in December 2017, it got some high like other top coins performance in Christmas month. Also, it is the first exchange of CND that started officially traded against ETH and BTC. So, you can start depositing and trading CND now with the trading pairs of CND/BNB, CND/BTC and CND/ETH  on Binance.

After the launch of CND token, they have various big and small changes. Analysts’ engagement, many new analysts, and big updates for the mobile apps. Around nine thousand new analysts have joined the platform.

According to the official report, they focusing to capture a significant share of the international predictive analytics market, covering investment funds, analytics companies, and traders in 2018. They will build some international offices or representatives in different countries like the USA, China, Japan, Australia, and Europe in this year.

Where to Buy Cindicator (CND)?

As mentioned above, Binance is the place to trade with the pair of CND/BTC, CND/BNB, and CND/ETH. Hitbtc with the pair of CND/BTC, CND/ETH, and CND/USD. And, Mercatox with Bitcoin and Etherum.

In the beginning of November 2017, the coin market cap of this coin was around $13.1 million with the USD price value of $0.010411. At the end of November, this altcoin reaches $0.02 and also, the Market cap touches the $29.5 million. Currently, it is valued $0.206296 USD with the market capitalization $2 hundred million. It looks like it will keep continuing high in future. Take your own research before investing in any cryptocurrencies.


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