Cindicator Price & Market cap going up high more than $100K Volume

Cindicator Price: After some bulk dip of digital currencies due to rumor news about China and South Korean’s crypto news, all crypto coins are getting up again in this week. In that, Cindicator is also one on the list which touches its lifetime high $0.34 with the market capitalization of five hundred million on early Tuesday, 23rd January at 01:00 UTC. Later it went down again with small numbers, in another hand, the top coins are getting high today after those coins have declined in recently.

Coming to Cindicator, its crypto token is CND. It’s value in terms of US dollar, it is $0.28 at present. When all the coins are in a bloodbath, it is only which is not down. It is still with a stable high on every week since December 2017.

It raised 50.51% high in 24 hours, also the volume of this coin increasing more than $100K Volume in 24 hours. So, it looks good to buy at this time to get back with a big bag of money in future as a long-term investor. According to the prediction, CND price will hit more than US$10 in this year, 2018.

The top coins are getting high today!

top Crypto coins high

Buy Cindicator (CND)

Cindicator is working on Hybrid Intelligence for Effective Asset Management. Recently, it was listed on Binance exchange website in December after the coin getting popular and valuable in the market. At present, it is 62nd most valuable coin out of 1100 coins. Apart from Binance, you can buy Cindicator (CND) on HitBTC, and Mercatox. Binance allowed you to trade with the pair of CND/BTC, CND/BNB, and CND/ETH.


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