Coke and Pepsi will be Banned in Tamilnadu from January 26

Coke and Pepsi Ban: Tamilnadu Vanigar Sangam President Mr. Tha. Vellaiyan announced in an interview in Sathiyam Tamil TV news channel that (CocaCola products) Coke and Pepsi will be banned in Tamilnadu from 26th January 2017. While Sathiyam channel was interviewing him about Jallikattu issue, Vellaiyan made this announcement that all those foreign cool drinks will be banned in Tamilnadu soon and he requested Traders and Shops not to buy and sell Coke and Pepsi anymore.

Tamil people are protesting for their Pride Jallikattu, and whole Tamilnadu youngsters and college students are actively participating in this peaceful protest. Students and Youngsters made this “Ban Coke, and Pepsi” as one of a demand and many people welcome this demand. To respond them, Tamilnadu Vanigar Sangam (TN Traders Association) made this announcement that they no more allow Coke and Pepsi to be sold in Tamilnadu as they where foreign products and also not that good for health.

ban coke and pepsi in tamilnadu

But still, the Government of Tamilnadu is the one who needs to make an Official announcement on Banning foreign cool drinks in Tamilnadu. He mentioned this Ban will be from Indian Republic day and necessary actions will be taken soon by discussing with their Government.

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What do you think about banning Coke and Pepsi in Tamilnadu? Is this going to be a good move? Comment your opinion below and stay tuned for more updates on Jallikattu issue.


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