Cryptonex (CNX) price rising 15.17% high on January 24

Cryptonex (CNX) is not stable in its position, within an hour, it goes up and down frequently on January 24. Check the picture which given in this article. The price value of CNX (token of Cryptonex) is $9.33 USD at present when I analyzing the status of this coin. It reaches more than four hundred million Market Capitalization with the 45 million CNX Circulating Supply.

The aim of Cryptonex is to offer the opportunity to exchange any of the world’s currencies for any cryptocurrency. On their official website, it stated that it is a global, decentralized new generation cryptocurrency which created on its own blockchain platform.

It is developed as an open source code platform. Recently, the web wallets of Cryptonex are launched which available for Windows, MacOS, Linux. You can buy CNX coins by deposit BTC or ETH. Before that, you need to create an account on the official website. Also, you can buy or sell CNX on the exchanges such as HitBTC, and

According to the Whitepaper statements, it will allow the users to convert fiat money to any crypto coins and also will provide the option to buy good and services through cryptocurrency using bank cards, and cellular phones applications with minimum fees.

Cryptonex (CNX)

Though, you can able to see the similar projects on the market. We need to wait some more time to see that how the CNX coin will have any value if its platform allows all bank payments and digital currencies.

How can I buy Cryptonex (CNX) coins?

  • Go to Cryptonex official website and choose «create an account».
  • Text your official e-mail address and password.
  • Activate your account by clicking the link in your email.
  • Now, you can sign in to your Cryptonex wallet account.
  • You are now ready to transfer BTC or ETH to the wallet.
  • After the transfer, your funds will be automatically converted into CNX and your balance will be shown with the current value of CNX. As of 24th January, it is selling at $9.33 USD, increased 15% high in 24 hours.

As mentioned above, you can trade by using the exchange websites.

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