Curd Rice at Night is Good or Not!

Curd Rice at Night is Good or Not: Most of the people are searching for the solution of this question. If you also need to know, whether eating Curd at Night is good or bad for the health? Please scroll down and get the answer to this question according to the Ayurveda. Here you also get the Yogurt benefits, Yogurt diet, and Curd benefits.

Curd Rice at Night is Good or Not!
Curd Rice at Night is Good or Not!

Curd Rice at Night is Good or Not..!

During on this Hot summer, we all like to eat curd and curd rice on all the three sessions in this season. And some of ours have a doubt eating curd at night is right or not. Obviously, it is Not. Whereas, by consuming curd which is cool down our digestion system. All of us preferred Curd as a first in the list.

Eating Curd is a good against the bacteria and aids digestion.

Yogurt and Curd both are generally good for the health but, it should be on the time base. Curd is good for our bones and teeth. Every food has some rules that we need to follow, for consuming curd are also has some rules.

In that, the most commonly heard rules is to avoid eating curd at night. Even though, some of us asking, is it for all? Please read the following rules to get a clear thought about this.

  • First one, don’t eat curd at night. Yes, the Ayurveda medicines teach us that consuming curd at night is not good because it leads to mucus development. In general and especially if you are suffering from a cough and cold. Say No to Curd at night.

There is an option instead of Curd, Buttermilk

  • Some of us addict or fall with the habit of eating curd at night. For those people, you should add sugar or some black pepper on your Curd while eating at night. Eating a curd during the day time is good.
  • As we said early, say No to hot curd.

Benefits of Curd

Curd rice is a good food for the stomach, and it is a good option for this summer season. Curd along with sugar is also a superior one at all the session. Raita is a common side dish in India, we can add such as onion, cucumber, tomato along with some green herbs, it is one of the great healthy options.

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