Dear Zindagi movie review: Audiences Response and Talk

Dear Zindagi movie review: Shah Rukh Khan, Alia Bhatt, Ira Dubey, Kunal Kapoor, Ali Zafar and Angad Bedi are the lead roles in this film. Also, all those characters are receiving positive month words from Public and good critics writing over online and social medias. Shah Rukh Khan has played an extended cameo role and made his fans happiness.

Gauri Shinde’s directorial comedy drama is screenplay by himself and also he is the owner of the story. Red Chillies Entertainment, Dharma Productions, and Hope Productions are the production banners of this film.

Dear Zindagi movie review Audiences Response and Talk

Dear Zindagi Story Plot

Kaira is the character name of Alia Bhatt and Dr Jehangir Khan aka Jug is the character name of Shah Rukh Khan. Kaira is the cinematographer, and she is searching her good life at that time, she met the unconventional thinker Jug. The story begins here and how the Jug helps for the Kaira’s life is the theme story.

From the beginning of the story to end, it is entirely worth watching, and it is not a simple entertainment movie instead of that, it teaches us the important message.

Dear Zindagi Review: Audiences Response and Talk

Check the Twitter Audience Response and Talk about the latest film by SRK and Alia Bhatt.

Rahul Gangwani ‏@Itemboi: Few films stay with you long after credits roll. #DearZindagi is one. What a sweet and beautiful film! Congratulations, @gauris @karanjohar! It’s such a joy to watch @iamsrk on screen! His charm and presence take #DearZindagi to an altogether different high. One of his best! How can @aliaa08 surprise every single time? What a phenomenal performance! Not one note wrong. She and @iamsrk create magic. #DearZindagi.

Linda Buchanan ‏@lmpbuchanan: Just saw #DearZindagi and loved it! Reminded me how glad I am not to be 20 something anymore. @iamsrk may just get all women into therapy!

Shruti T ‏@srksuperfanatic: @iamsrk @aliaa08 Omg what an engaging film. I laughed, cried, and just felt every moment of it. #DearZindagi Thank you, @gauris ❤️ @gauris Thanks for bringing real female characters to life on screen. Can relate to so many of Kaira’s struggles & emotions @aliaa08 @iamsrk @iamsrk Seriously, there needs to be a sequel or spinoff with Jug’s character. You just want to know more about him ❤️ #DearZindagi @gauris @iamsrk Seriously, I need a Jug in my life #DearZindagi @iamsrk Some of the things you said were profound. Took the audience a few secs to absorb. Loved the use of those pauses & silences @gauris

Shaheen Abbas ‏@ShaheenAbbaz: Watched #DearZindagi tonight! @gauris Take a Bow The film touched me on too many different levels.. cant get it out of my head. And @KausarMunir u will one day have to tell me ‘yeh aadha sa dil, main kaise lagau?’ More power to you my friends @gauris !So dam well done Also, if i get a therapist like @iamsrk am willing to be in therapy all my life hahahha!!! #DearZindagi @gauris @KausarMunir


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