Dentacoin accepts in Australia Clinic – Pay DCN now at Dental on Flinders

Dentacoin – DCN is the token, which is started accepting as a payment in the Australia Clinic. Now you can use the Dentacoin at Dental on Flinders in Melbourne, according to the official report. They published a post with the complete details on Tuesday, 9th January 2018.

Dental on Flinders is one of the modern and high-tech dental practice which is located in Melbourne. They try to connect the crypto and the people in a usual way by thinking differently. They not only looking Dentacoin alone, they also offer patients the opportunity to pay for their treatments with an array of different cryptocurrencies, in that, they preferred mostly in the top 50 cryptocurrencies will be accepted. From January 9th (Tuesday), this Australian clinic started accepting the Dentacoin (DCN) as a payment.

Dental on Flinders is the sixth dental clinic who accepting the Dentacoin now including F3T Dental Clinic in United Kingdom, CONTIDENT in Hungary, Swiss Dentaprime in Bulgaria, Dentech Dental Care in India, Mr. iTeeth in Taiwan.

In the past 7 days, the value of this coin increased 859.55% high, currently, the value of this coin is more than one billion USD market capitalization. But yesterday, it was crossed 2bn market cap. It dropped 16.52% today from the value of Monday.


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