DigitalNote XDN price rises 40% high in 1 hour – more than 200% in 1 day

DigitalNote XDN: On 6th January, the coin value is $0.096 at 01:54 UTC. Then it started decreasing gradually again later few hours. A day before, the XDN coin value was $0.025, now it is at $0.075 at 04:54 UTC on Saturday. Also, the market cap value of this coin has increased from $198,189,000 to $548,323,102 USD in 24 hours. Due to the dip of coin value, the rank also goes down from 55 to 62.

XND cryptocurrency working on CryptoNote anonymous technology and also peer-to-peer technology. It is updated by using an untraceable encrypted messaging system based on blockchain deposits. Also, there is a difference when to compare with other coins as it uses ASIC-resistant PoW mining process for its central authority. DigitalNote network is 2.5x faster than Bitcoin. As per the official website, the nobody owns this cryptocurrency, while this is used to be called duckNote XND and later DarkNote XND.

The coin was launched on 30th May 2014 and released to the public in the first week of June 2014, in that time, it was open to the value of $0.000042. Recently, the company has launched their Christmas campaign, in that, they seek to recruit new users to try the XND wallet. Those who all tried the wallet are got a chance to win 200XND which is the minimum deposit. From this method, they own new DigitalNote users.

In the beginning of 2018, the XDN was priced at $0.021 USD, in the first week of 2017, it has the value of $0.000095. In that time, the market capitalization valued at $531,086, now it is $564,003,208 USD on 6th January.

How to buy DigitalNote XDN?

  • Go the exchange sites like HitBTC, Poloniex, and BitTrex. (You can buy DigitalNote from various exchanges and in different currencies.)
  • Start your trade with XDN.

DigitalNote XDN Live Update:

DigitalNote XDN features:

  • Truly anonymous,
  • Instant Encrypted Messages,
  • Blockchain Deposits,
  • Blockchain analysis resistant,
  • Libertarian economy,
  • Secure and ASIC-resistant,
  • Open Source,
  • Fair and decentralized

For more details, visit the official website here.


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