Download iOSEmus Emulator for installing iOS Apps & Games

iOSEmus is a Web App which is the best iOS Emulator for Apple devices, it allows you to install iOS Apps, Games and emulators on the operating system called iOS without jailbreak. With the help of PC connection, you can install following apps like Movie Box, PlayBox HD, nds4ios, DownCloud, vShare, f.lux, PPSSPP without jailbreak.

In this piece of content, you are going to learn the following things,

  • What is iOSEmus
  • How to Install iOSEmus in Apple device (Step by Step)
  • How to Install iOS Apps in iOS Emus (Step by Step)

Let’s get started step by step without wasting any more time.

What is iOSEmus?

The creator of iOSEmus, AiiR has created this App for the iOS users over the Air App installation service that allows the user to install iOS Apps and Emulators without Jailbreaking.

iOS jailbreaking is the process of removing Apps, Softwares that has some restriction by iOS on the devices of Apple Inc’s such as iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV second generation.

iOSEmus protects your iOS Apps from the jailbreaking. So, install iOSEmus on your iOS device and use your iOS Apps as yours.

The following steps, for those who want to install this App.

How to install iOSEmus on iOS Apple Device?

Yup..! Learn How to install iOS Emus on iOS8, iOS9 and later and how it works, Let’s see,

   Download iOS Emus Emulator

  1. Go to from your Safari browser and tap “Install Now”iOSEmus
  2. Tap “Install” in the “Install profile Window“.
  3. Now you will get a warning as “Profile is not signed“. Tab again “Install”.
  4. A new pop-up window will appear with “Install profile“, tap the “Install” again.
  5. iOSEmus app is now installed on your device. You can able to see your iOS Emus App on the last page of your Home screen. You can navigate to your home screen by clicking Home button.

Watch this Video tutorial on How to Install iOSEmus:

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Now, we will go to give steps for how to install Apps by using iOSEmus without Jailbreak

How to install Apps using iOSEmus?

After installing iOSEmus, it is time to install some Apps. Learn How to install Apps by using iOSEmus,

  1. From the Home Screen, you will able to open iOS Emus app.
  2. Now you can see the “Most popular Apps” on the screen. Also, you can see 4 icons at the bottom of the screen. Tap the “Down arrow” icon.install iOSEmos
  3. You will see the “Apps & Emus” window on this screen.
  4. Tap “All Apps and Emus” to see the list of Apps and Emulators.
  5. The list of Apps and Emulators have appeared on this screen. You may notice various differences with green and blue vertical line on the left side for some icons. The vertical lines represent the installation result status. The blue line represents as “It may not work” on your device. The green line represents as “It may work” on your device. If there is no line, it represents as the installation status of the app “may work or not” on your device. Please look the installation status frequently, because the developer of this app will update the to install app in iosemus download app in iosemus
  6. Pick any one of the app and tap “Install”.
  7. Again tap “Install” in the new installation Windows.
  8. Again tap “Install” in the App version pop-up.
  9. Another one window is pop-up as “ would like to install …” for the confirmation.
  10. Again tap “Install” in that confirmation window.
  11. Your App is now installed. Just go to the last page on the Home screen by clicking the Home button and check.

Now you have learned How to Install iOSEmus and also learned How to Install iOS Apps in iOSEmus. Feel free to comment your doubts as we are here to answer your questions.


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