E-coin (ECN) price increased – all other top cryptocurrencies also started increasing

E-coin having crypto-token named ECN in all exchange website, which is going high more than 500 percent within few hours. It reaches $30 USD from $5 in 19 hours on Tuesday, 6th February 2018. Also, few other top coins are getting up again after a big drop on last two days due to various reasons like China’s new regulation on Cryptocurrencies. Though, E-coin is the only one which raised high as first from the drop in the top 100 coins.

This Canadian E-coin have a fantastic day after the first week of January. It was reached $23.37 as highest early, but now it touches $30 and crossing over with the market cap of $158 million.

As mentioned early, it is Canada-based cryptocurrency which is the current world’s 90 most valuable digital coin according to the coin market capitalization. At the time of writing, E-coin was trading at $31.74 USD Tuesday at 07:20 pm UTC, up more than 500 percent from yesterday.

E-coin (ECN) price high

If you like to invest and trade on E-coin (ECN), then buy and sell with the exchanges such as CoinExchange, YoBit, and C-CEX. This company was developed by the Australian developers which supported by the sectors of E-commerce, Cleaning, and Warehousing.

In October 2017, the e-coin was launched by the E Corp. The Chief Executive officer of E-Corp Phillip Price (Michael Cristofer) was launched their virtual currency at New York’s Terminal 5.



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