Ethereum (ETH) moving up to $1000 – ETH/USD price analysis

Ethereum (ETH) price is getting high again and it will reach $1000 as soon as nearest dates. On the last two days, the price is floating between $800 and $900. While it has touched its highest price value of $974.47 on Wednesday. Now, it is looking to reach its first $1000 mile, which is a super bullish trend. If it continues, then the ETH/USD may hit $1000 as soon.

Currently, the price value of ETH is $955.65 with the market cap of $92 billion. In the same date in December, the price of this crypto was $473.56. Now it increased nearly half of the volume within one month of time. It increased 6.71% high in 24 hours of time duration.

As mentioned above, the price of $955 is likely to accelerate towards the $1000 handle. Most of the crypto investors and finance people are looking for that moment to see how the price reacts around big $1000 and also, it looks to find more buyers by using that stage.

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Ethereum (ETH) moving up to $1000

Ethereum is currently the third most valuable Cryptocurrency in the market, which was launched two years ago. Within a short period, it reaches high and competing with the king of crypto, bitcoin. Ethereum is one of the most talkable currencies after Bitcoin in this one year. ETH had a good growth in 2017, it rose over 9,100% over 12 months.


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