Face Acne: Causes, Remedies and Treatment

Acne is a type of infection, which caused our skin as reddish dots. It is commonly called as acne vulgaris. Because of the oily substance, dead skin cells and the hair of our skin. Whereas, Face Acne is one of the type based on the part of human body. The oil substance (from sebaceous glands) and dead skin cells are combined to block the hair follicles. Due to this process, the oil builds up under the blocked pore. So then skin bacteria can grow quickly. Finally, it looks like swollen red dots.

Most of the Western world peoples are affected, especially 80 to 90 percentage of teenagers. Those peoples are commonly affecting by acne on chin, face (forehead acne), neck, chest, arms. Lots of people are affected mentally as anxiety, depression, reduced self-esteem because of acne.

Generally, acne formed during the period of the transaction from a child into an adult, which mean during puberty (due to high hormone level changes). Because of changes in hormones, the chin acne formed.

Cheek acne is contacted with the respiratory organ, so it deals with the polluted air.

Forehead acne linked with the digestive system. So need to take more care of foods.

acne face

Some common remedies for Face Acne:

By reducing your dairy products will help you for acne free. There is a big relationship between sebaceous glands and the dairy (such as milk, yogurt and all cheeses).

By eating hygiene foods and being hygiene was good for health.

Taking cooling or fresh foods like green beans, melons instant of junk foods and fast foods.

Chin was linked to the small intestine. So only we instructed you to avoid dairy products and oily meals. And we recommended to the hygienic fruits and vegetables.

Wash out your hands with warm water frequently throughout of the day. If not, means, when resting your hands on the chin while you may sit on the desk, this action may cause more acne on chin. So try to keep washing your face and hands for making oil free face. Also, try to keep your hands away from your chin/cheek.

Make good habits before going to the bed at night. Eating too close to the time of bed may motivate the formation of acne. Clean your skin by washing before on bed.

Keep your cell phone as bacteria free by the way of cleaning frequently.

Need to sleep for 6 to 7 hours daily by an early night and early morning. By given rest for your eyes at day time for making some relaxation.

By following the meditation, yoga, listening to music, makes you as stress-free human.

Drinking extra water is one of the good habits for come out from acne. Because of this daily routine habit, makes your dried skin as moisture. Due to this action, your black spot may disappear shortly.

Pick a good dermatologist in your locality and make an opportunity to talk with her/his regarding your problem.

Face Acne, Don’t do:

Drinking aerated drinks, alcohol, smoking habits, eating junk and fast foods, meat, dairy, alcohol, caffeine (tea and coffee), sugar products, hormonal issues, non-hygienic locations, improper sleeping lifestyle and all are only the reason for acne.


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