Gmail New Security Warning Rolling Out This Week

Gmail New Security Warning: Google going to release the new security updates for Gmail users. This update is available for both Web users and Android users. Just check it here to know about that.

Gmail New Security Warning

Gmail New Security Warning from This Week

Generally, Your receiving emails are authenticated by SPF and DKIM. If it is not authenticated, then you will get the emails with the question mark next to the name of the sender in the down arrow.

Latest updates: Now, the unauthenticated (or) Not authenticated emails will receive with the question mark instant of the profile image of the sender. (Available for Web and Android users)

If you will receive an affected email with the phishing, malware, and Unwanted Software. Then you will get the warning as like the above image. It is one of the Safe web browser settings. Currently, it is available on the maximum of the browsers.

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Also, Google informed with the notification as “Not all affected email will necessarily be dangerous. But we encourage you to be extra careful about replying to, or clicking on links in messages that you’re not sure about. And with these updates, you’ll have the tools to make these kinds of decisions.”

This New Update will roll out for all end users within the three days of this week. By using this new updates, the Google Gmail users will solve maximum of the online scammers’ email attacks.

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