Gold price spikes 30-month high to Rs 31,550 on demand pick up

New Delhi: The Gold price winged to Rs. 31, 550 per 10 gram. And the silver price also went to 1000 of additional in the weekly bases.

Gold price spikes 30-month high to Rs 31,550 on demand pick up

Gold price spikes 30-month high to Rs 31,550 on demand pick up

The Domestic traders said the sentiment vigorous after the increasing the rate of gold from the month of June and it is also because of the dollar weak of the US interest rate rain in this month, September.

When to consider about the global market of gold rate in this week. It is increased in some places such as Singapore is one of that. The price of gold increased suddenly about 1.7 percent yesterday. And, today it is 0.2 percent and stands as $1,352.16.

The Price of Silver also winged by Rs 750 to Rs 46,950 per kg.  Now, the silver coins are also traded higher for the  100 pieces by Rs. 1000 at Rs 77,000 for buying and Rs 78,000 for selling.

The Traders said that the constant buying of jewellers is there when the ornaments demand stayed in the standard position as high in the market.

In Indian capital, the 99.9 percent gold and the purity of 88.5 percent winged to Rs 450 each to Rs 31,550 and Rs 31,400 per 10 grams, respectively. Now, the most precious Au (aurum/gold) has risen Rs 150 in this four days.


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