Google Calendar Reminders Desktop on Web Browsers Now..!

The Users, who all are using Google Calendar reminders, for those all now make it easy with your Desktop web browser. Yes.! Yesterday on April 5, 2016, the Google introduced this feature and instructions on their Official Gmail Blog. Scroll bellow to get full details about Google Calendar Reminders Desktop on Web.

Google Calendar Reminders Desktop on Web
Credit: official gmail blog

Google Calendar Reminders Desktop on Web

This Google Calender Reminders feature was updated by Google for smartphones last year; now it is updated for desktop web also. So, now it makes very easy to use this feature while doing work on our desktop. And it is updating our edits simultaneously on our smartphones and tablets. It is a simple function, but doing our job quickly and our daily life too.

Now Google also joined the team of Microsoft’s Wunderlist and Outlook, and Apple’s Reminders app on the Mac and iOS. However, this feature makes the level of desktop user as slightly high.

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Also, this feature is added to Gmail and other inbuilt Google services. So, this is one of another best competition between Microsoft Outlook.

All the functions are just like your Android and iOS device. If the reminder is not completed mean, it will indicate at the top of your calendar. Google Apps will also help to handle this service by synchronization.

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In last updates of Gmail Mic Drop is a failure one. Whereas, Google asked “Sorry” for the users who have all faced their issues on official works.

“We realize many of you use Gmail for very important messages, and we are sorry if Mic Drop was in any way harmful to you. Note that if you’re a Google Apps business, education or government user this feature was never turned on.”

Watch the Video before going to use Google Calendar Reminders Desktop on Web

Here below video for newbies, How to use the Reminders in Google Calendar.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding Google technology!

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