Google launches Gboard keyboard on Android devices

Google launches Gboard keyboard on Android: After the official launch of Gboard for the iOS operating system, the developer launches for Android devices. The first Google Gboard keyboard was launched in May 2016, and some major updates are introduced in August. Check the Gboard Updated feature. As per the multiple sources, the Google launches their keyboard on Android devices.

The Technology reports like Verge and 9TO5 were reported that the Google Keyboard update is bringing Gboard features to Android, including the integrated search function, the emoji search tool, and new shortcuts.

Google launches Gboard keyboard on Android devices

Google launches Gboard keyboard on Android devices

Right now, Gboard is only available as an APK and the official launch on Google Play will hit at any time.

Initial Update of Gboard: The Gboard for iOS and Android devices was designed with the GIF file searching option also. So that, the users can spend their time with their friends and relations on their own perfect feeling.

The iPhone and Android users can also search the Emojis with the help of this app. For example, an instant of scrolling to find the emojis for “cat,” the user can search as “Cat” on this New Google keyboard called Gboard and can found the perfect emoji.

The App also have one more feature, which is Glide Typing. This App allows the user to type the words without leaving their finger from the screen. That mean, the user can be sliding their finger from key to key instant of tapping.

Major Updates of Gboard: The Gboard was updated with the extra languages for the iOS users on August month of this year. Google’s Gboard can do the google search, sending emojis and sending GIFs. Also, people can chat with their friends who all are living in Germany, Brazil, Spain. Yes, the app allows the users to chat with local languages apart from English such as French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal) and Spanish (Spain).

The Android version may have all these features. If anyone of you tested mean, just share your updates here at the comment box below.


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