Google Search app new shortcuts in India

Google Search app shortcuts added for Android users – Know what it is and how to use

Google Search app shortcuts added for Android users in India. This new update rolled out from August 10th Thursday. By using this new shortcut update, users can get most relevant information as easily in a quick way. So, the android users will get information in depth at one place.

From the category of Sports, Weather, nearby restaurants, ATM, nearby Theaters and movie shows.

In the shortcuts update, it consist more than nearby information such as tools, fun, travel, and My stuff.

From the Google home screen on mobile app, it showing most used shortcuts as first. While the others can be found by tapping the arrow to the right-hand side. In this page, users can see all the shortcuts in category wise as mentioned previously. Each category having some shortcuts, users can view all the shortcuts of the category by tapping More to the right of each.

Google Search app new shortcuts in India

For example, there are only four shortcuts are visible as first under the tools category. Tap More to the right for 11 shortcuts in total.

Under the Tools, users can see Translate, Coin flip, Roll a die, level tool, Calculator, Unite Converter, Currency Converter, Spinner, Random number, Metronome, and Color picker.

In the Fun side, Google provided some fun including games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Solitaire, Barrel roll, Animal sounds, and I’m feeling curious. Also, even trying out with the fidget spinner.

Quick access Cricket score is one of the important shortcuts. It provide statistics of a match, past scores, news, rankings and more. Also by using My stuff side, users can find their emails, flights, hotels, trips, packages, photos, and reservations.

This update is currently only available on Android Operating System. It needs latest updated version.

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