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Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Review: The Sahil Anand and Herry Tangiri starrer Bollywood movie Comedy Romantic movie is this Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara. Here we shared our Review, Rating, and Story Verdict. Check it here below. Apart from the two lead actors, here we have few more such as Vikram Kochhar, Nilesh Lalwani, Niyati Joshi, Divya Choksey, Jayaka Yagnik and Sareh Far. Most of the beautiful scenes shot in Kashmir. And some others in Mumbai. Let see about Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Review, Rating, and Story.

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Review

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Review

It is the normal usual storyline. Only thing is here we need to note that the movie makers selected picturesque locations for their shot. It is eye-catching scenes on screen and it looks like a real world that we living. Because the Theater is a place of the crowd with chill air and the scenes also favor for that. If you watch this film with your partner, then you will love it definitely. Just go to the theater with the mood of love and other funny thoughts.

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Review: Editing, Cinematography, Music

Anil Singh is the Cinematographer for this film. He got maximum credits for his work. His Camera lens speaks about his work love. He has done his job as very well. The Screenplay along with the Editing work make this film as good. It is one of the major parts that we need to appreciate. Ajay Singha and Subash Pradhan are the music composer of this film. These two people handled their instruments and technical works as good. Placing sounds in the right place are very important. Monjoy Joy Mukerji chosen right persons for his film. And he is the director of this film.

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Story

Three couples and a Family details that who all played in this movie. Sahil Anand as Tony Singh, Niyati Joshi as Pooja Mehta is one. Vikram Kochhar as Rikki Dalwani, Divya Choksey as Sanya Dalwani is the Second. Nilesh Lalwani as Sajan Patel, Jayaka Yagnik as Sanjana Patel is the Third. Herry Tangri as Manjeet Singh Sodhi, Sareh Far as Soniya Singh is the Resort owner.

It is Life story of Three couple. Sajan Patel is his Mother’s boy and he is from Gujarati family. Getting frequent dashes in the Kitchen between Sajan’s wife and his Mother. Another one is Rikki Dalwani (Vikram Kochhar) and his wife. Rikki loves to visit the beach resort and playing Monopoly game along with his friends. His wife manages her life with the boutique. The main story of this film is that these two couples planned to rejoin their friends love by visiting Kashmir tour.

Pooja is the main reason for the Kashmir tour. She needs his life with her boy Tony. But Tony invites his two friends along with their wives. Pooja gets shocked due to Tony’s activity and stayed away from her love boy. Remaining stories are how the two couples plans are worked and how Pooja-Tony joined together into their marriage life.

Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Cast & Crew

The Movie cast is already provided in the above sub-title of Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Story. Check it there Please.

Director Monjoy Joy Mukerji
Music Director Ajay Singha
Subash Pradhan
Genre Romance-Comedy
Anil Singh
Producers Deepakk R. Gupta
Neha D. Gupta
Monjoy Joy Mukerji
Censor Certificate U/A
Movie Run Time 2 Hours 6 Minutes
Movie Release Date 5 August 2016
Country India
Language Hindi

Watch Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Trailer

The Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara Movie Trailer has released on May 26, 2016. Up-to-date, the trailer reaches more than 705,000 views. The Trailer itself said the storyline of the movie. The Trailer runtime is 2 minutes 03 seconds.

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