Haitian Honeymoon – All you need to Know

Honeymoon is the period in the life of the newlyweds, which each of them will ecstatically remember for the whole marital life. And if the honeymoon is truly fabulous, memories of it can save both of you from the rash decisions that so often destroy families after trivial quarrels. But how to make your honeymoon a truly unforgettable event, saturated with romance and magic? There is one secret. You need to spend it in a fairytale place, for example on the islands.

But…there are so many islands. Haiti Republic has a quite interesting reputation, so not so many tourists make choice in favor of that country, preferring to stay in the Dominican Republic. However, sunny Caribbean Beach and romantic sunsets of Haiti are out ofu competition. Here you may come together to enjoy the beauty of the local nature, Marine Azure, and blissful romance. Still single? It’s not a big deal with romancecompass.com.

Haiti Honeymoon

Every couple, before planning their newlyweds programme has this question – what is so about Haiti compared to other amazing islands to spend honeymoon on. It is difficult to give an unambiguous answer, actually.

First of all, it has amazing, lively and untouched nature. Second, it is miles and miles of beautiful coast with warm water and hot sand. Haiti is highly appreciated by lovers of diving. Companies from Haiti and Dominikana Republic offer newlyweds a perfect opportunity to spend an incredible date under water. Fishes, corals and tons of amazing species enchant lovers of adventures every day.

Do you like mountains? Funny enough, Haiti has them too. Mountains, forests, rivers and the purest lagoon – everything here lures thousands of tourists, while special Dominican rum quickly raises the mood and provides unforgettable romantic mood for the newlyweds in these areas.

There is a very large choice of ways to relax from simply laying on wild beaches, where there are practically no people, to a rich cultural program with a guide and a permanent visit to various cultural monuments. Do you want to see the beauty of these places and join the distant history with your own eyes? A visit to the capital will provide you with all this mysterious awesomeness.

Those who want to enjoy exclusively the company of their second half during the trip, but at the same time get all the delights of a luxury vacation, it makes sense to go to Haiti. Blue lagoons, walks on a yacht, golf, diving, five-star bungalows on the beaches and romantic restaurants – all this is for the guests of the island. And also the stunning beauty of the coral reef and the marine reserves.

Hotels of Haiti are a different form of art. Those resorts definitely know the needs of their customers. Everything is on the highest level – from catering to offering a set of exotic recreations like underwater dinner and traditional Haitian accompaniment. You can offer a session of massage for two, where they would put relaxing volcanic mud and give you the best sensations possible with the help of thorough techniques and attentive attitude.

In the evening newlyweds can spend dinner time at the beach or recreate most famous scenes from the Blue Lagoon. What speaks «romance» louder than Haiti?


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