Beste Bensinkort

How to Find the Beste Bensinkort (Petrol Card) in 2023

Gas prices are rising across the globe.  Perhaps we can blame the tensions rising across the geopolitical space, or simply the changing of the times – but it’s really hard to ignore the pressure that it places on our wallets.  Even in places where we do not drive very often, it becomes clear that it is a lot more expensive than it used to be.

This may be why so many people have decided to get a gas or petrol credit card in the past few months.  I didn’t even know they existed until I started to do some research about what I could do to save money on the petrol I put in my car – and there it was…an answer to the problem.

Obviously, they are not going to work for everyone.  However, today I would like to explain to you what they are in the first place, as well as how they work and how you can obtain one.  They are fairly similar to other types of credit cards, so if you already are familiar with the concept, this should be a breeze.  With that being said, we can dive on in.

Beste Bensinkort

What is a Petrol Card?

As you can see on this page, the answer to this question is pretty simple: a petrol card is a credit card that is intended for the use of purchasing gas or petrol.  Sometimes they are not exclusively for that purpose, but instead offer special bonuses or deals when you do so.

Often, this comes in the form of a “cash back” program, or something of a similar ilk.  For anyone unfamiliar with how that works, essentially the company who issues the card will match a certain percentage of your purchases and pay you back based on what you have spent in the period in which they offer the deal.  For example, a lot of cards will offer a fairly high percentage cash back for the first year upon opening them (five percent was a deal I received recently).

Something to note is that most of the time, with this type of card, it will be a charge one versus a debit one.  For the most part, I mention that in case you are questioned on it when you decide to use it.  As you can tell, though, the premise here is pretty simple.

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How to Get One

Now that we’ve covered what they are, we can get into the much more interesting part – how do you get one?  As with most credit agreements that you will enter into, it is probably a good idea to first check in on your own credit score.  This can (and probably will) have a significant impact on your chances of approval, after all, so it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Once you do that, you can start searching for options that might work for you.  Take your credit score into account as you do this.  There are even third-party sites and programs that you can use to see your approval odds before you apply, which can save you some of the headaches that come along the way.  Each check on your credit score, even if it is a soft inquiry, will dock a few points.

So, avoiding that by utilizing those external sites could be of some help – try it out if you’re not sure about your score right now.  Otherwise, though, you can start to apply to the cards that offer the rewards that you are looking for.  As I mentioned earlier, that can take a few forms, usually as cash back.  If you want something else, though, just specify it in your searches!

Something that you could consider is going for a card that is for a specific brand, as they do exist.  For instance, if you find yourself constantly going to one gas station or one brand of petrol station, you may want to commit to a card that they offer.  It will still come from a bank, of course, but offer perks and rewards for patronizing that specific company.

Why would you do that, you might be wondering.  It does appear a bit restrictive, doesn’t it?  One of the main reasons that folks do decide to go this route is that the rewards are often going to be a bit better because of the commitment.  It’s a trade-off, so it’ll be up to you whether or not you want to do so.

Your next step may be to compare the offers and deals that you are receiving for the various cards before you fully make your choice.  To get an idea of what to watch for, you can go to and look at the comparison page there.  While this is just one example, I like to make note of it because it provides an idea of what you can find on an international level.

From there, all that’s left is submitting your application!  Thankfully, most lenders have applications available on their websites, so you won’t have to fuss with too much physical paperwork.  Just be prepared to submit scans or photographs of some important documentation such as your ID cards or your tax information.

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How Do They Work?

With all of that out of the way, I’ll explain how they work.  Admittedly, you probably already have a good idea of that if you currently have a credit card, but there are a few differences that you may want to take note of.  Obviously, most of the time when you use it, you will be purchasing petrol or fuel.

However, some cards will allow you to use them for other automobile related purchases.  Most notably, many truck drivers will end up using their fleet (petrol) card for repairs related to their profession.  If you are ever unsure as to what you can spend the credit on, though, you can call your lender and ask them about it.  The internet may provide some answers as well, of course, if you don’t feel like going on hold.

When you do receive your card, typically your first step will be to activate it.  Usually, the lender includes instructions for this in the parcel or envelope you get in the mail, so make sure to read those documents.  While it can be tedious, knowing what you are getting into is never a bad idea.

After that, you can start to use it!  One of the main perks that tends to come with them is a discount on fuel, though that will of course depend upon which one you have applied for and been approved for.  While I can’t really generalize them all, that is one of the big motivations to get one in the first place.

On a final note, it is good to know whether you are getting a credit card that has perks associated with purchasing petrol versus a card that is purely dedicated to fuel.  There are some differences, mostly in regard to the fees associated and the ability to track purchases.  Most consumers opt for the former, while professional truckers (and similar employees) get the latter.  The distinctions may be small, but they can make a big difference in practice.

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