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How to Spice up Your Jeep for the New Year

Whether you’re looking for stock or aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts or shopping for a Renegade, if you’re thinking about giving your Jeep an overhaul this year, you have a dazzling amount of options. The trick to customizing your Jeep – which means browsing through hundreds of potential parts and accessories – is knowing what you want. An off-roadster is composed of different elements than a Jeep that you use as a daily driver. On the other hand, you could create a Jeep that accomplishes both tasks.

Customize Your Interior

There are ways to accessorize your Jeep’s interior that will offer both protection and style. Car seat covers and floormats will help you maintain resale value by keeping the original upholstery and the floor pristine. Spills, dirt, mud and other external elements can simply be cleaned off, and then the accessories re-applied to keep the cabin clean and clear of debris.

If you’re going to be driving off the beaten path in the hinterlands in your Jeep, you might invest in grip handles and seatbelts, as well as rollbar accessories. It’s not all about safety, though. From shift knobs to the steering wheel, you can accessorize just about any part of the interior to suit your needs. This may include adding security elements or retrofitting your gauges.

decorate jeep

Install New Tires

New wheels and tires are a great way to improve your Jeep’s performance and offer stylistic benefits, too. Whether you’re considering 8×6.5 rims or something smaller, there are benefits to each. Larger wheels mega-size your vehicle and create a rugged cruising experience by enhancing the feel of every bump and pothole. Smaller wheels, on the other hand, improve tire roll and offer drivers better control with steering.

Investing in the right tires for your Jeep largely depends on your driving habits. If you are an off-roader, you’ll want tires that not only offer good traction but that might be larger than your stock tires. In this case, you’ll be investing in a lift kit so as to support those larger tires and get better ground clearance.

There are dramatic differences in tires. All-season tires have their merits, but, despite their name, they are not great in deep snow, ice or freezing temperatures. Off-road tires, on the other hand, are designed to grip in those conditions and are made of rubber than remains pliable, even in frigid conditions. The trade-off is that the deep grooves and other design traits that make off-road tires so effective are the same things that makes them less than ideal on paved roads in that they wear faster and make a lot of noise.

This year is the year to retrofit your Jeep until it becomes the perfect custom rig. Whether you want to create the ultimate off-road beast that inspires intrepidness or a sleek, stylistic masterpiece that can crawl up and down the strip, or both, you have loads of options. Indeed, the volume of aftermarket parts and Jeep accessories that are available are staggering and can improve every aspect of performance and appearance. Visit an auto parts store today to see the vast inventory of Jeep equipment that is waiting to become part of your next great project.

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