HSBC Bank: Selfie Verification to Open Accounts Quickly

London: One of the Leading Banks in the World, HSBC introduced selfie verification to open a new bank account quickly. So, the new customers of HSBC can able to open new bank account quickly by using selfie verification. The Bank launches a new rule to simplify the process of registering new bank account via mobile phones. Before the HSBC Bank selfie Verification, the bank already have its biometrics technology.

HSBC bank selfie verification

HSBC Bank Selfie Verification to Open Accounts Quickly

Richard Davies, HSBC’s head of global propositions for commercial banking, said “Through simplifying the ID verification process, we’ll be able to save our business customer’s time and open accounts quicker. We also expect the convenience and speed of a selfie to become the verification method of choice for our customers, who no longer need to visit a branch to complete the process.”

As per the report of CNBC, the online bank account users and new online users are increasing day by day globally. The selfie (headshot) image will verify by using the facial recognition software in the mobile app. It will compare with the customers’ identification proofs like driver license or passport.

In HSBC Bank, the customers have opened their accounts by using the internet as 50 percent of new. The year 2013 marks a place which carries 10 percent of new internet bank account openers.

The Bank early using the latest way to verify the users by using biometrics technology. It improves the security of users account. The users can check and withdraw money from the bank with the verifications of facial recognition, fingerprint scans, and heart-rate. It’s all under the technology of Biometric system. After this latest security system, the HSBC Bank selfie Verification introduced for the new accounts.

Sian John, chief strategist EMEA at Symantec shared his words with CNBC as “Facial recognition is a good example of biometric authentication that can still prove challenging to implement, as it tends to be prone to a high false positive rate. Something as simple as a pair of sunglasses could falsify or reject a facial scan.”

The HSBC Bank selfie Verification will make the additional security of the new users.


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