Huge Explosions heard Near Mogadishu Airport, Somalia

Explosions Near Mogadishu Airport: The Two blast and the gunfire also heard at the location very near to the checkpoint of Somalia’s Mogadishu airport at the time nearly around 11:10 PM. The below picture represented that the smoke rose to the blue sky after the blast.

Explosions Near Mogadishu Airport
Explosions Near Mogadishu Airport

Explosions Near Mogadishu Airport

As per the sources, the First explosion is the place on the outside of the main AMISOM. And then, the second explosion has occurred at the location near the checkpoint of Somali forces.

Both of the suicide car bombs has targeted the checkpoint which is controlled by the Somali security forces (Very near to the Mogadishu Airport entrance)

“I can see ambulances taking several wounded people,” one of the journalists shared his words to the reporter, who near at this incident.

That two persons may die on this suicide bomb cars. The Ambulance are rushing in the spot immediately.

Explosions Near Mogadishu Airport
Found this rock outside my door. Whole house is dusty and shaken. – @SakariyeCismaan (Twitter)

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