Hyperhidrosis: Things you need to know about Excessive Sweating in our Body

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating is a kind of medical condition which occurs due to more sweat glands in various parts of human body. As per the report of Hyperhidrosis Clinic USA medical researchers, it occurs in the armpits, hands, feet, or head, though it can affect any part of the body. Those who all affected by hyperhidrosis are getting sweat may be four to five times more than the average non-hyperhidrotic human. Still, now, the medical experts are struggling to identify the valid reason behind this disease.

According to the sources, two to three percent of Americans suffer from excessive sweating in the underarms or in the palms and in the feet. Also, an estimated 367 million people in this globe are suffering from this excessive sweat.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis and they are Primary or Focal hyperhidrosis and Secondary or Generalized hyperhidrosis. Both of this hyperhidrosis are different from each other. Recently, Doctor Richard Buckley from the Milford, City in Pennsylvania has found a permanent treatment to stop the excessive underarm sweating through laser. Also, another hyperhidrosis specialist LA-based plastic surgeon Doctor Raffy Karamanoukian said that there is a problem in a link between the brain nervous system and the sweat glands of a human body especially in certain parts which causes this disease.


Visiting a dermatologist to evaluate hyperhidrosis and avoid taking self-treatment without any knowledge which causes a lot of side effects. Some of the researchers are trying to find the solution by guessing there may be a genetic linkage. This kind of hyperhidrosis comes under Focal hyperhidrosis. The Secondary or Generalized hyperhidrosis occurs due to the side effects of some medicine and it causes excessive sweating on the whole body.

People suffering from this disease are facing many problems in their day-to-day life. They need to carry extra clothes and towels on their every travel. They can’t able to attend a party as easily along with their friends and family.

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