IIT Madras introduces online Mobile app development course

Indian Institute of Technology, Madras will ready to teach that how to design Mobile Apps through an eight-week online app development course. Anybody can learn this course on free of cost through NPTEL.

IIT Madras and Hasura offering this Mobile App development as free with the help of Introduction to Modern Application Development (IMAD), they provide this as a free Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), a core technology start-up.

IIT Madras introduces online Mobile app development course

The course curriculum will include:

  1. Introduction to the Internet and its common network protocols.
  2. Build a complete web application.
  3. Learn the how and why of modelling data for the application using databases.
  4. Learn about performance and how to ensure security for an application.
  5. Learn how to build your own mobile application.
  6. Every year, India produces lakhs of engineers who aspire to enter the tech industry.

IMAD was first offered in September 2016 & subsequently in Jan 2017. It has been taken by over 83000 students! Watch the feedback videos below from students who took IMAD in September and January. The Nest free online course of IMAD will begin on July 24 and registration and can be done by visiting www.imad.tech.


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