Instagram Photo Save Option is enabled from December 14, 2016. The developers updated the most wanted option to the Instagram Application. By using this option, people can view the photos to revisit later. Also, people can collect their favorites and saved into the privation tab on the profile.

Instagram Photo Save introduced for Updated Apps of Android & iOS

Instagram Photo Save introduced for Updated Apps

A small update, but it is most useful for all the users. It makes us more convenient than taking a screenshot of our favorite cars, meal, nature, etc., May, the developers will launch the download button in future. Most of the users are waiting for that day.

Users can save the Posts (or) Photos by tab the new bookmark icon underneath the post in the feed. (Check the above image). The post will be saved to the private tab of the profile. Users can see the same bookmark icon on the profile window. Just Tab that icon and view the all saved posts there.

Not only for the Photos, it is also for the Videos. People can use this option to collect the memorable and favorite posts at one place. Users can also check the posts (Photos and Videos) on offline mode. It may not work at some time.

Instagram Photo Save
Instagram Photo Save (Posts)

Users can see this update of the Instagram version 10.2. The Android and iOS users can download this updated version on Apple App Store and Google Play.