IRCTC Hacked? IRCTC Twitter Officials Says NO!

IRCTC Hacked: Today’s Trending News was IRCTC website got hacked and millions of confidential data has been leaked. But, IRCTC Officials confirmed to that IRCTC Website is Not Hacked. An Enquiry is being conducted regarding alleged data sale.

IRCTC Twitter about the Issue

IRCTC Hacked?

Thursday Morning, Rumors spread like a storm across the country stating Hackers have hacked IRCTC website and all the personal data of the IRCTC customers has been leaked out and sold in CDs for Rs 15,000 for whosoever needed.

IRCTC Hacked

The IRCTC Pro has officially confirmed that there is not such hack happened today and an enquiry is happening to know about the data sale.

IRCTC website has not been hacked. Enquiry is being conducted regarding alleged data sale.

IRCTC Hacked

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