Jallikattu Protest is Over – Stay Safe & Go Home Students, Youngsters!

Jallikattu Protest Latest News: It is an official announcement from TN Governor Mr. Vidyasagar Rao today that Jallikattu will happen every year. We request students and youngsters from Tamilnadu to withdraw our protest and stay safe as Police are implementing Lathicharge by divide and rule psychology. Even women are also getting accused by police army. So we request you to end our protest and get back to the home as we already won our needs and it is our time to celebrate Jallikattu – our pride.

Some political people are trying to take this protest for different matters and use youngsters in a wrong way. So please don’t fall on this prey and if you are reading this and you are still in protest area, once again we request you to get back to the home safely and let’s have a big celebration on our win.

jallikattu protest latest news updates

Many youngsters are claiming a valid point that Panneerselvam promised the same thing before Pongal that Jallikattu will happen, but he failed to keep his words. You were right, but this time, we got an announcement from Governor, and they were already started implementing new rules to make Jallikattu happen every year. I can hear you, “What can we do if they fail to keep their promise?”. If that happens, we can start our protest again with the help of same social networks which helped us to connect together.

So please stay safe and get back to the work as we won our protest almost 95% and just waiting to see things live which cannot be implemented in a day. Let’s celebrate our win on this historical Jallikattu protest and stay tuned for Jallikattu which will be played officially on 1st February in Tamilnadu.


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